Postcard from Tokyo

With Japanese militarism on the rise, Okinawan leaders bring an angry appeal for peace to Tokyo.

Agent Orange on Okinawa: The Smoking Gun

A recently discovered U.S. army report puts lie to the Pentagon’s denials that it exposed soldiers and civilians to Agent Orange on Okinawa.

Seconds Away From Midnight

During the 1960, as the Cold War heated up, the U.S. government placed nuclear weapons in Okinawa, Japan, which it did not admit until years later.

U.S. Veteran Exposes Pentagon’s Denials of Agent Orange Use on Okinawa

This article examines the efforts of the U.S. government to deny the storage of Agent Orange on the Okinawa military base during the Vietnam War and the U.S. veterans, and their family members, whose health has been permanently damaged by exposure to the chemicals during the 1960s and 70s.

Pentagon Still Denies Agent Orange Stored on Okinawa During the Vietnam War

The Pentagon’s increasingly unconvincing denials that Agent Orange was stored on Okinawa prevents veterans from receiving the medical care that they desperately need.

Postcard from…Tohoku

The Japanese NGO Peace Boat puts the humanity back into humanitarian relief operations.

Postcard from…Henoko

While the world’s attention is focused on the aftermath of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, the construction of a new U.S. military base gathers steam in Okinawa.

Postcard from…Koza

An anti-American riot in Okinawa in 1970 still has ripple effects on the island today.

Postcard from…Takae

In the jungles of northern Okinawa, protests against planned U.S. helipads reach a crisis point.

Postcard From…Futenma

Okinawans are nowhere to be seen at this summer’s U.S. military appreciation day at the controversial Futenma air base.