John Gershman is a Clinical Associate Professor of Public Service, Associate Director of NYU’s Global MPH Program, and Director of Undergraduate Programs at Wagner. Previously he was the Director of the Global Affairs Program at the International Relations Center and the Co-Director of Foreign Policy In Focus.


Israel & Palestine: A Way Out?

Changes in Israeli political leadership and prospects for a settlement.

Democracy and Double Standards: The Palestinian "Exception"

Double standards for Hamas undermine negotiations.

A Forensic Anatomy of the Strategy for ‘Victory’

Has the President now given a definition of victory in Iraq?

To Link or Not to Link: The Human Rights Question in North Korea

A way forward for human rights in North Korea.

Dinner with Condi and the Fate of Gaza

Gaza Withdrawal: Prelude to a new intifada?

El-Baradei and the IAEAs Nobel Peace Prize a Mixed Blessing

The IAEA??and the United Nations as a whole??can be useful if its findings and policies support U.S. policy and can be ignored or rejected when they do not. Unless and until that changes, this noble effort by the Nobel committee in honoring El-Baradei and the IAEA will end up meaning very little.

So Why DID Support for War Go South?

In 1954 and 1968, respected arbiters of truth–Edward R. Murrow and Walter Cronkite, respectively–cut through public fear to open the way for a change in public discourse and accountability from leaders who had exploited public trust. In 2005, Representative Murtha may be the decisive voice for the truth that restores the most fundamental necessity of democracy: a well-informed public.

Deconstructing the Libya Option for Syria

The White House took the wrong lessons from Libya??s decision to renounce weapons of mass destruction and rejoin the international community. The Libya model may yet provide a path through the Syrian imbroglio but only if applied correctly.

Torture Degrades Us All

Arguments against torture are not based on alarmism, moral absolutism, or rhetoric. Torture irreparably damages human dignity, devalues human life, and corrupts the institutions of our democracy.

Where We Stand: Honesty about Dangerous Climate Change, and about Preventing it

We stand, first, with the emerging scientific consensus, which tells us we have very little time to act if we honestly expect to avoid a global (as opposed to a “merely local”) climate catastrophe.

Iraq Strategy: Still AWOL, Still Costly

Bush calls Iraq ??the central front in the war on terror.?? Nowhere does he acknowledge that before March 20, 2003, no al-Qaida or other non-Iraqis were fighting in Iraq.

War Crimes: The Posse Gathers

War crimes as the fulcrum of an alliance between the peace movement and the human rights movement.

African Women Confront Bushs AIDS Policy

AIDS information is absorbed through a mesh of stereotypes that make human misery seem like a natural condition of life in Africa.

False Dawn: Bosnia Ten Years after Dayton

Assessing the Dayton Peace Accord a decade later.

Dark Armies, Secret Bases, and Rummy, Oh My!

Renewed U.S. military presence in Latin America.

Islam, the State, and Freedom of Religion In Malaysia

The challenge to liberal Islam in Malaysia.

Libby Indictment May Open Door to Broader Iraq War Deceptions

Some mainstream pundits and Democratic Party lawmakers are finally raising the possibility that the Bush administration was determined to go to war regardless of any strategic or legal justification.

Iraq: A Tale of Two Speeches

Is President Bush’s rhetoric about the war in Iraq and the “war on terror” gradually shifting?

Continuing to Repudiate International Law, Rumsfeld Rejects UN Access to Guantanamo

The Bush administration remains unwilling to respect international law regarding detainees.

Whos NextIran & Syria?

History repeating itself?

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