Jo-Marie Burt teaches politics and Latin American Studies at George Mason University, where she is acting co-director of the Center for Global Studies. She is also a senior fellow at the Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA), where she has monitored the trial of former Peruvian president Alberto Fujimori for human rights violations and the 2011 presidential elections. She is author of Political Violence and the Authoritarian State in Peru: Silencing Civil Society (Palgrave, 2007). Her research focuses on political violence and state power, human rights and transitional justice, and social movements in Latin America, with a special focus on Peru, and she is currently directing a research project on human rights prosecutions in Peru. Follow Jo-Marie on Twitter: @jomaburt.


Impunity Returns to Peru

A recent Peruvian Supreme Court decision on a death squad is a setback for human rights in the country.

Quest for Human Rights Justice in Peru Suffers Serious Setbacks

A recent sentence for members of a death squad represents a step backward for Peru on human rights.

Peru: What’s Next for Humala?

With a slim majority in Congress and a still-strong conservative opposition, Ollanta Humala may well find it difficult to implement even his moderate program of change.

Humala’s Victory in Peru’s Presidential Election Cause for Cautious Optimism

Ollanta Humala’s victory over Keiko Fujimori represents the triumph of hope over fear.

New Peruvian President Humala’s First Challenge: a Polarized Peru

First, Ollanta Humala needs to calm the roiled political waters of Peru.

Alberto Fujimori’s Future Inextricably Linked With That of Peru’s Democracy

Would a Peru court free former President Fujimori, a convicted human-rights felon?

Turning His Back on Chavez, Peru Presidential Candidate Humala Invokes Lula Instead

Many support Ollanta Humala to prevent the return, in the form of his daughter, of former President Alberto Fujimori’s human rights abuses.

Keiko Fujimori’s Candidacy Just Adds Insult to the Injury That Her Father Inflicted on the Body Politic of Peru

Many in Peru take Keiko Fujimori’s candidacy for the presidency personal.

If Fujimori Wins the Presidency Chalk One up in the Loss Column for the Human Rights of Peruvians

Peru’s upcoming presidential elections is as intriguing as the United States in 2012 is not.

Giuliani Serving Peru Presidential Candidate Keiko Fujimori as Consultant on Crime

If elected president of Peru, will Keiko Fujimori follow Rudy Giuliani’s abusive anti-crime measures?

Peru’s Fujimoris: Like Father Like Daughter?

If elected president of Peru, will Keiko Fujimori carry on in her father Alberto’s corrupt, authoritarian tradition?

How Did the Candidates With the Highest Negative Ratings Advance in the Peru Presidential Elections?

Prior to Sunday’s election, over 50% of the people of Peru claimed they would vote for neither Ollanta Humala nor Keiko Fujimori.

Humala and Fujimori Likely to Compete in Second-Round Vote for Peruvian Presidency

Ollanta Humala and Keiko Fujimori will face each other in a second-round vote on June 5.

Peru’s Presidential Election: Populist Humala v. MOR Candidates

Except for populist Ollanta Humala, Peru’s presidential candidates leave the public cold.

Fujimori Faces Justice

Peru’s Supreme Court has upheld the conviction of former president Alberto Fujimori for crimes against humanity.

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