Cheney’s Oil Change at the World Bank

Dick Cheney, a long-time beneficiary of World Bank largess, has moved to take ownership of the world’s development coffers through his man, Wolfowitz.

“Why Wolfowitz?”

George Bush’s controversial decision on the World Bank Presidency

En Sentido Contrario desde Rio

El Camino del Banco Mundial Hacia La Catastrofe Climatica

Wrong Turn from Rio

The World Bank’s Road to Climate Catastrophe

Tug of War

The Winners and Losers of World Bank Fossil Fuel Finance

Destabilizing Investment in the Americas II

The InterAmerican Development Bank Fossil Fuel Financing 1992-2004

Crude Vision

How oil interests obscured US Government focus on chemical weapons use by Saddam Hussein.

Transnational corporate beneficiaries of World Bank Group fossil fuel projects,1992-August 2002

In the globaliztion game of World Bank financing for fossil fuels, the biggest winners are some of the largest transnational corporations. A list about the facts of these fossil fuel welfare kings from 1992 to August 2002 is exposed in this report.

Enron’s Pawns: How Public Institutions Bankrolled Enron’s Globalization Game

Enron’s collapse calls into question the policy of energy deregulation and so long as the World Bank, IMF, WTO, U.S. Government and corporations continue to advance this agenda of energy and power deregulation, all signs suggest that future

OPIC, Ex-Im & Climate Change: Business as Usual?

An Analysis of U.S. Government Support for Fossil Fueled Development Abroad, 1992-98

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development: Fueling Climate Change

How the European multilateral development bank is contributing to climate change in the former Soviet Union

The World Bank and the G-7: Changing the Earth’s Climate or Business

An overview of World Bank fossil fuel financing from 1992-97