Jim Hightower, an OtherWords columnist, is a radio commentator, writer, and public speaker. He’s also editor of the populist newsletter, The Hightower Lowdown


Now Foreign Corporations are Citizens Too

It appears that Toyota, Unilever, Deutsche Bank, Bin Laden Construction group, and thousands of other foreign entities can also add their trillions of dollars to drown out the democratic voices of real Americans.

Which Mitch Do You Believe?

The GOP’s cynical hypocrisy either makes you want to either throw up or fall down laughing.

Corporate Murder

By putting its profits over human life, America’s coal industry is killing people, passing it off as a “cost of doing business.”

Limbaugh Loves Universal Health Coverage

Obama’s reform passed, yet Limbaugh has not kept his pledge to deport from our shores.

Don’t Mess with Georgia’s Brown Thrasher

There’s a campaign to declare the chicken–the state’s cash cow–the State Bird.

Boeing’s Virtual Fence is a Real Boondoggle

The government should scrap Bush’s fantasy of virtually walling off the Mexican border–along with its corporate largesse.

Another Corporate Path for Buying our Government

Governors associations give companies special access in exchange for a steep fee.

Help Cure Sallie Mae’s Sugar Addiction

Let’s have the government make direct student loans through the colleges.

Free Those Corporate Slaves

Murray Hill Inc., wants to run for Congress.

Big Pharma Divorces Billy Tauzin

Next time you’re gouged by the drug giants, remember: It wouldn’t happen without the work of self-serving hucksters like Billy.

Agribusiness Profits, Mutant Germs, and Us

America has overdosed on antibiotics.

A GOP Leader’s Economic Plan

He would literally take the food out of the mouths of people in real need.

Seeing China from the New World Trade Center

There should be a stiff tariff on all subsidized glass coming from China.

Selling a City’s Soul, for Chicken Feed

The company’s graffiti is an act of crass commercialism.

A Global Game that Never Ends

Look at our world atlas to see where America’s tax dollars and troops are headed next.

Shouldn’t ‘Local’ Businesses Be Local?

The movement has been phenomenally popular with consumers who like the flavor and personality of local enterprises, and the fact that their consumer dollars stay in their community

Let’s Chuck the Bottle

Chances are that your city’s tap water, which is inspected several times daily, is at least as pure (and often more so) than the pricey stuff.

Who Wants to Die for Karzai?

The cost of maintaining each soldier in this faraway land is roughly a million dollars a year.

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