Jim Hightower, an OtherWords columnist, is a radio commentator, writer, and public speaker. He’s also editor of the populist newsletter, The Hightower Lowdown


Big Coal Buys Access to 4th Graders

Schools shouldn’t aid this kind of predatory marketing.

The GOP’s Medicare Lies

Understandably, the public is now angry at Rep. Ryan and his Republican cohorts.

The Sixties Made Me Do It

What is it about confession that the Catholic hierarchy can’t seem to grasp?

Academic Freedom for Sale–Cheap

For only $1.5 million, a Koch brother bought a big chunk of the economics department of Florida State University.

A Little Less Corporate Political Corruption

Obama is thinking about issuing an executive order that would mitigate some of the damage done to our democracy by the Supreme Court’s dastardly Citizens United edict.

Tea Party Rebels Quickly Tamed

Faster than you can say “business as usual,” freshman Republicans on the House Financial Services Committee have begun to execute Wall Street’s agenda.

Entergy Goes Nuclear over Vermont’s Decision

The Vermont Yankee nuke plant is the same vintage and make as Japan’s crippled reactors.

Are You Ready for a Brave New World of Food?

Despite the “yuck” factor, many bugs pack a protein punch that’s healthier than steak and far lighter on the environment.

From Democracy to Plutocracy

There’s nothing conservative about Gov. Walker’s autocratic power grab.

Gubernatorial Goofiness in Maine

Gov. LePage’s rampage includes busting unions, rolling back child labor laws, gutting programs for the middle class and poor, and raising the retirement age for the state’s workers

Mickey Mouse Wage Hike

Why don’t Disney’s animators, performers, and other hard-working employees get a 45 percent increase in their pay, like the company’s CEO?

Japan’s Earthquake Jolts Shreveport

Globalization’s “efficiency’ is nothing but a cross-your-fingers fantasy.

Perry’s ‘Texanity’ Explained

The nation’s leader in abstinence-only education has the third-highest teen pregnancy rate.

Newt Fakes It

Gingrich has been posing as a possible candidate for a decade now, using the attention he gets to promote his books, speeches, lobbying business, and other hustles.

The Corporate-GOP Attack on America’s Middle Class

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is but one of a flock of far-right, corporate-crested Republican governors and Congress critters waging an all-out class war.

Surprise: Guess Who Wants Gun Control?

Arizona’s voters want to keep the mentally ill from buying guns.

Out-of-Whack Budget Whackers

Washington’s ferocious ax-wielders are sparing assorted corporate subsidies.

The Big Score in this Year’s Super Bowl

The Packers aren’t the personal plaything of some rich family or profiteering corporate consortium.

Our Corporate Courts

In its effort to scuttle President Barack Obama’s healthcare reform, the right wing has gone court shopping.

Obama, Inc.

With Daley and Immelt on board, our president is waltzing with the devil.

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