Jim Hightower, an OtherWords columnist, is a radio commentator, writer, and public speaker. He’s also editor of the populist newsletter, The Hightower Lowdown


Shouldn’t Americans Repair America’s Infrastructure?

The $7-billion reconstruction of the Bay Bridge between San Francisco and Oakland is in the hands of a state-subsidized Chinese company.

Paulson’s Plaintive Plea

Just because he lives in a 28,000-square-foot, $15-million mansion, why should this billionaire be targeted as an example of plutocratic excess?

Manliness in a Can

Dr Pepper Ten is low-cal, but none dares call it “diet.”

The GOP Loves the Federal Spending it Hates

Sen. McConnell’s tirade about the Solyndra debacle would’ve had a lot more moral punch if it were not for Zap Motors.

Big Oil: $135 Million — School Children: 0

Led by Valero Energy Corp., at least 16 huge refiners are trying to poke a lucrative loophole into Texas tax laws.

Wendy’s ‘Improved’ Burger

The company spent two and a half years and millions of dollars of corporate poking and prodding to “improve” a burger that doesn’t compare to a backyard cookout.

The Corporate Takeover of the 2012 Presidential Election

Super PACs represent the Enronization of our democracy.

A Perry Tale about the Prince of Privilege

Prince Rick wouldn’t be where he is without the steady “intrusion” of big government into his life.

DuPont’s Herbicide Goes Rogue

The company’s landscaping weed-killer turned out to be a tree-killer.

Michigan Locals Fight for Democracy

Gov. Rick Snyder is now being sued by his own astonished citizenry.

Mass-Marketing Goes Platinum

Hawkers of consumer products are embracing the growing gulf between rich and poor Americans.

Dim Bulbs in Congress

Philips, GE, and Sylvania all are ready to market incandescent bulbs that meet higher efficiency standards, while saving money for consumers — but don’t tell tea-partying lawmakers.

Illegal Foreclosure Epidemic

Robo-signing foreclosure paperwork is a federal crime, but no bank or banker has even been charged.

America’s Real Job Creators are Broke

Despite the GOP’s ideological claptrap about corporate executives being “job creators,” it’s ordinary Americans who actually create jobs.

A Right-Wing Jobs Program for America

To apply, just go directly to jail.

Budgeting for Ignorance

The most shameful assault in state legislatures these days is on our public schools.

Massey Energy’s Man-Made Hell Hole

Republicans and a few coal-state Democrats have cynically blocked passage of tougher mine safety laws that would stop the murderous greed of coal profiteers.

Bring Our Troops Home

The Afghan War is over.

David Koch’s Crass Act

One of the crudest arms of his vast and secretive political network is called Americans for Prosperity.

Perry’s Prayer-Palooza

I’m fairly certain that God doesn’t want anything to do with this goober’s show.

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