Jim Hightower, an OtherWords columnist, is a radio commentator, writer, and public speaker. He’s also editor of the populist newsletter, The Hightower Lowdown


Drone on the Range

Those very same pilotless, remote-controlled, undetectable planes that the CIA has been secretly using to spy on and bomb people in Pakistan and elsewhere are headed to our local police departments.

Turning College Students into a Commodity

After graduation, students’ incomes would be “attached” by financiers.

How Mitt Got His

Romney keeps playing hide-and-seek with his booty.

Tomato Tampering

Scientists have figured out a way to genetically engineer the flavor back into industrial tomatoes that taste no better than their shipping cartons.

The Local Beer Boom

Craft breweries have doubled their share of the U.S. market since 2004.

Sabotaging Montana’s Campaign Finance Legacy

The Supreme Court has trumped a century-old state law that made the state a model for campaign finance in America.

The Best Little Chicken Sanctuary in Texas

A flock of feral chickens has lived for years on (the appropriately named) Farm Street in the town of Bastrop.

Afghanistan’s Corrupt Oligarchy

The brothers of Hamid Karzai, Afghanistan’s incompetent, impossibly vain, and dishonest president, have amassed astonishing fortunes.

Wisconsin’s Alien Seed

There can be no joy in the fact that money rules.

These Steaks May Stick to Your Ribs

While meat glue is widely used, corporations peddling molded meat aren’t eager to let us consumers in on their little secret.

Mother Nature Doesn’t Quit

So much of Monsanto’s poison was spread in the past decade that weeds naturally developed a resistance to it.

Lobby Responsibly

Anheuser-Busch and other big brewers blocked a Nebraska bill that would have curbed sales targeted at the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

Feeding Obesity

The “Heart Attack Grill” takes pride in food that’s deep-fried.

Coddling the 10 Percent

To reel in these mid-level richies, bankers are offering to pamper them lavishly.

Food Stamp Foolishness

Rep. Paul Ryan’s trying to justify his abuse of the poor with religious lip service.

ALEC’s Comeuppance

Not only have the people rebelled, they’ve also organized and mobilized.

Two Heads Aren’t Always Better than One

An alarming percentage of the fish found in creeks contaminated by J.R. Simplot’s phosphate mining operations in Idaho are grossly deformed.

The GOP’s Money Man

Like ugly on a hog, Romney just can’t hide the depth of his personal wealth.

Keystone XL’s Dirty Little Secret

The people and companies pushing the tar-sands pipeline don’t want you to know that most of this oil won’t be made into gasoline for our vehicles.

Congress Opts to Keep Poisoning Children

Lead poisoning is entirely preventable.

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