Jeremy Brecher is a leading labor historian and writer who co-founded Global Labor Strategies, a resource center providing research and analysis on globalization, trade and labor issues. He also serves as Humanities Scholar-in-Residence at Connecticut Public Television and Radio.


Transit Equity Day: A New Way to Remember Rosa Parks

Transit equity isn’t just about where you sit on the bus. It’s about whether you can get on a bus at all.

Green Paper Gold

Here’s an innovative way to tackle the economic crisis and global warming in one sweeping proposal.

Labor Rights in China

China wants to change its labor law in favor of workers and, according to Tim Costello, Brendan Smith, and Jeremy Brecher, foreign corporations are squawking.

Labor in China

The country’s proposed legislation will not eliminate its labor problems.

How the World Can Help Americans Halt Bush Administration War Crimes

On May 17 a legal summons on behalf of the World Tribunal on Iraq (WTI) requested the attendance of President Bush and Prime Minister Blair to defend charges that they are in “violation of common values of humanity, international treaties, and international law” for waging war in Iraq.

Command Responsibility?

Prospects for legal accountability for war crimes.

War Crimes: The Posse Gathers

War crimes as the fulcrum of an alliance between the peace movement and the human rights movement.

An “Affirmative Measure” to Help Prevent the Commission of War Crimes by the Bush Administration

United States officials are conducting a war of aggression against the people of Iraq.

“Resist U.S. War Crimes”

Most Americans hold these truths to be self-evident: Torture is wrong; attacking another country that hasn’t attacked you is wrong; occupying another country with your army and imposing your will on its people is wrong.

Solidarity and Student Protests in Iran

How is it possible to promote human rights and democracy in Iran without strengthening Washington’s drive to dominate the world in general and the Middle East in particular?

The New Global Peace Movement vs. the Bush Juggernaut

Here are some strategies that can make the new global peace movement tenacious and effective in the post-Iraq war period.

Terminating the Bush Juggernaut

The Bush juggernaut presents a clear and present danger to the people of the world and even to the health of our planet. But it is far from the world’s only problem.

What Can the World Do with U.S. Troops in Baghdad?

Despite the presence of U.S. troops in the center of Baghdad, does the world remain powerless to stop the ongoing invasion?

A Nightmare to Love

By the December 8 deadline for reporting on its weapons of mass destruction, the Iraqi government makes an extensive declaration of activities and materials that might be used to make such weapons but also might have other purposes.

Let’s Join, Not Fight, the Global Coalition Against War in Iraq

A child could see that the Bush doctrine is divorced from reality.

One Path to Peace: Kofi Annan’s Multinational Force

The Powell mission, whatever fig leaf it produces, has shown that the United States is unable or unwilling to impose peace. The only solution is for the whole world to join together and force the two sides to back off.

The Global Sustainable Development Resolution

For the past decade, through both Republican and Democratic administrations, the U.S. government has promoted a model of free-market global capitalism that it claimed would benefit the great majority of people both at home and abroad. This model has failed.

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