Jen Doak is the outreach and production coordinator for the Institute. She is in charge of web production, content proofing, and new media promotion. She also manages the IPS Twitter account, @ipsdc_dotorg, and the IPS and FPIF Facebook fan pages.

After receiving her undergraduate degree from the University of Connecticut (go Huskies!) in 2006, she moved down to DC to complete an M.A. in Communication, Culture, and Technology at Georgetown University. Her studies were focused in the interaction between politics and new media, culminating in a thesis entitled “Al Gore, An Inconvenient Truth, and Environmental Discourse in the Public Sphere.”


Main Street Protests Wall Street and K Street

A firsthand account of the showdown.

From the Frontlines: May 17th, 2010

Showdown on K Street, unheard voices from the Gulf, and finreg loopholes.

From the Frontlines: May 13th, 2010

The forgotten people of America,drone maps of Pakistan, and an amendment we can get behind.

Senate Introduces Climate Bill

Unfortunately, it’s far from what we need.

From the Frontlines: May 11th, 2010

More on BP, the merits of cultural boycott, and steps toward financial reform.

From the Frontlines: May 10th, 2010

Untrue statements about the BP spill, what progressives are saying about Elena Kagan, and Greek protesters’ latest target.

From the Frontlines: May 7th, 2010

News and commentary on policy and social movements.

A Blog for the Rest of Us

IPS has a new blog.

The Kids are All Right

Millennials aren’t taking to the streets as often as their predecessors, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t paying attention.

Obama Takes a Bow?

Critics lambasted Obama’s deferential style. They missed the real story of the president’s Asia trip.

Postcard from…Tirana

George W. Bush has a cafe and a street named for him in Tirana. Is a statue next?

The Secret About Jobs Military Contractors Don’t Want You to Know

A new report finds military hardware we don’t need isn’t as great for job creation as advertised.

Book Review: ‘IraqiGirl’

Hadiya’s a poet and blogger, but what this book reveals is that she isn’t a “normal” girl.

Postcard From…Dublin

The Irish peace movement says no to the Lisbon Treaty on European integration

Review: ‘The Future of Global Relations’

America is on the way out. Are regions on the way in?

The Pursuit of True Security

For all of the money we spend on defense, are we really all that safer?

African Union Declaration Against the ICC Not What it Seems

Developments in the struggle for African justice are at once promising and disturbing.

Honduran Coup: The U.S. Connection

There is growing evidence that the United States was more than a bit player in the Honduran coup, writes columnist Conn Hallinan.

Iraq: Nightmare or New Democracy?

While Iraq could easily become Obama’s nightmare with a policy that emphasizes sectarian divisions, a national unity framework will help Iraq become a new democracy in the Middle East.

Straight Talk: Revealing the Real U.S.-Africa Policy

It’s time for some straight talk on U.S.-Africa policy.