Report: Gilded Giving

Top-Heavy Philanthropy in an Age of Extreme Inequality

Hunger Striking for Disarmament in France

French anti-nuclear activists are hunger-striking their way onto the political agenda.

The End of Austerity in Europe?

A Hollande victory in France would tip the balance of power in Europe and put an end to the hegemony of the austerity paradigm.

Like Strauss-Kahn, Christine Lagarde Dragging Baggage Into Likely IMF Directorship

The French ruling class suffers from no shortage of a sense of entitlement.

France Seeks to Act (Operative Word) as Israel-Palestine Peace Broker

France hopes to use an upcoming meeting of potential donors to Palestine to facilitate resumption of peace talks with Israel.

Europe’s Islamophobia

It’s not just the minaret issue in Switzerland. Or the head scarf issue in France. Anti-Islamic sentiment is growing Europe-wide.