IPS associate fellow Janet Redman is the former director of the Climate Policy Program. For more than a decade, her work has supported the transition from an extractive, fossil fueled economy to equitable, democratic and local living economies. To that end, Janet uses research, writing and strategic conversations to develop bold ideas in domestic and international policy spaces that redefine what is politically possible. She also practices nurturing deep relationships with grassroots organizations and networks in the global South and North is necessary to align policy advocacy with the goals of social, economics and environmental justice movements. Janet is currently the U.S. Policy Director at Oil Change International and serves on the board of directors of the Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives.

Janet holds a Master’s Degree from Clark University in International Development and Social Change, where she focused her graduate research on regional trade integration and social movements in Latin America and the Caribbean. She also holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science from the University of Vermont.


Serendipity at the climate negotiations

In Cancun’s UN Global Climate Summit, there is a new generation of economic and climate justice activists in town–fired up and ready to go.

Climate Justice Policy Factsheets

Climate justice policy factsheets directly from the UN climate negotiations in Cancun, Mexico

Cancun: The Next Chance for Democratic Solutions to the Climate Crisis

Can the U.S. get behind an American tradition in Cancun?

Experts Available: UN Advisory Group on Climate Finance Report

Recommendations downplay role of public finance and rely too much on private finance.

UN Panel to be a Dangerous Disappointment

How much money is on the table to combat climate change, where it comes from and how it flows will be at the heart of global climate negotiations at the end of this year in Cancun.

Leading the Way to a Smarter Future

People living in “transition” cities and towns are working together to make their communities more resilient to economic and environmental uncertainty.

Fair and Effective Climate Finance

An assessment of finance in global climate negotiations

Climate Currency

When it comes to climate change, altruism and self-interest go hand in hand.

Factsheet: Investing in Our Future Act of 2010 (H.R. 5783)

Using a Currency Transaction Levy to Raise Resources to Address Global Health and Climate Change in Developing Countries

Latin America: Climate Change Swing States

Obama’s climate change guy Todd Stern has just wrapped up a tour of Latin America. It wasn’t vacation: more like a critical lobbying opportunity.

Taxing the Wall Street Casino

In the United States and many countries around the world, there is growing momentum behind proposals to place a very small tax on trades of stock, currency, derivatives, and other financial assets.

Obama BP Speech Should Signal Shift in Energy Future

Obama has a golden opportunity to show that his administration is about changing politics as usual – if he and his advisors have the political courage to seize the moment.

Is the UN the Right Place to Talk About Climate?

Like Bonn, the UN has its limitations.

Cochabamba’s Message: Let the People Speak

The World People’s Conference on Climate Change held last week in Bolivia was an experiment in replacing the less-than-democratic UN process with one that invites public participation. But what’s the difference between Copenhagen and Cochabamba?

Strange Snow Patterns Consistent with Climate Change

Think the freak snowstorms disproved climate change science? Think again.

Copenhagen Touchdown

SEEN Co-Director Janet Redman begins her story of the UN Climate Change conference.

Climate Scams Won’t Save the Planet

Cap and trade is a scheme that tries to sell business-as-usual as a solution to global warming.

Happy Anniversary, Obama. Now Sign a Climate Deal.

Developed countries have an obligation to direct financial and technical support to developing nations to enable them to shift to low-carbon growth pathways.

Climate Justice Now! Intervention in AWG-KP Stocktaking

Janet Redman speaks to the Kyoto Protocol Stocktaking Session about climate justice.

Finance for Socioeconomic and Climate Justice

A coalition of global justice groups give a statement on climate change while in Bangkok for an international strategy meeting.

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