Asia Stands Poised to Join 2011’s Global Revolution

An Asian spring may be next.

A Haggadah for AIPAC

Instead of children, imagine if AIPAC members asked the Haggadah questions.

Palestine: the Logical Locus of Les Onzards

Palestine, centrally significant to the Arab world, stands every chance of being the locus of the democracy movement.

Time to Sever the Saudi Ties That Bind

Not only is it the right thing to do, but severing our ties with Saudi Arabia makes political sense.

The Freedom to Offend: Pastor Terry Jones and Islam

However much he’s pushing the envelope, Pastor Terry Jones has the freedom to offend Islam.

Regime Change in Libya Could Undermine U.S. Diplomatic Leverage

If giving up nuclear weapons doesn’t immunize a leader from regime change, what does?

Ed Schultz’s Transformation from Progressive Firebrand to Cruise-Missile Liberal

Ed Schultz criticized the GOP because it “steamrolled America into two wars” but defends President Obama for attacking Libya.