The Power of Fiction in Social Change

Institute for Policy Studies Executive Director Tope Folarin and Chuck Collins were both were inspired by Ursula K. LeGuin to write fiction novels. Together they explore how can fiction shape new narratives for the future.

Where We’re Looking in Times of Crisis

There are plenty of places you can direct your energies to support people taking an economic hit during the pandemic.

Nurses Tell Big Pharma: Put Patients Over Profits

“People shouldn’t have to crowdfund for their health care. We wanted PhRMA to have to face firsthand the toll their greed takes on Americans across our country.”

What We Took Away From the 2018 Midterm Elections

Spending records, voter suppression, and high youth turnout mark the most expensive midterm elections of all time.

Who’s Profiting From America’s Private Juvenile Prisons?

One mother’s fight to shut down a private juvenile corrections facility in Louisiana known for its brutality and big profits.

Putting Class Back in Class Warfare

The Other 98% co-founder John Sellers discusses the power of creative resistance.

What Does the One Percent Owe You?

A new interactive website is vividly showing just how much economic inequality is costing you.

These Millionaires Want Wall Street to Close its Carried Interest Tax Loophole

A network of 200 business leaders and high net worth individuals, are making their case in Albany for closing this egregious Wall Street handout.