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Good Moon Rising?

UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon is under attack. The critics are missing his many achievements.

The Goldstone Report

The Obama administration must take this report on atrocities committed during the Gaza War very seriously.

Response to Chomsky II

Serbia, not NATO, was responsible for the human rights violations in Kosovo.

UN Reform: Don’t Hold Your Breath

Almost all of the proposals to reform the UN are worse than the situation they purport to remedy.

Response to Chomsky

The United States is often, but not always, wrong, and its enemies are sometimes, but not always, right.

60-Second Expert: Ban Ki Moon and R2P

The UN secretary general has taken a forceful position on the Responsibility to Protect doctrine.

Ban Ki Moon and R2P

The UN secretary general has taken a forceful position on the Responsibility to Protect doctrine.

Empire Roundtable

We asked FPIF’s senior analysts to weigh in on the future course of American foreign policy: maintenance of empire or its rejection?

Obama and Israel

Obama should act now to change the U.S.-Israel relationship — while Gaza is still burning and before it’s time to campaign for reelection.

What To Do Now in Georgia

It’s time for the UN to step up to the plate and help resolve the conflict.

Strategic Dialogue: Kosovo

Was the United States too hasty in recognizing the new state of Kosovo? Ian Williams and Stephen Zunes have different takes.

A New Kosovo

Kosovo has declared its independence from Serbia. But there are still a few obstacles in the path of statehood.

Support Taiwan’s Democracy

The United States should not abandon Taiwan at its time of need, argues Ian William.

Ban Ki Whom?

Ban Ki Moon’s first six months as UN Secretary General have registered on the low decibel end of the scale.

Taiwan’s Independence

China wants Taiwan, Taiwan wants independence, and Ian Williams wants you to know why Taipei has a more compelling argument than Beijing.

Spirit of Christmas Pastand Future

Ian Williams explains why rum is the true global spirit, with its warm beating heart in the Caribbean.

Reform or Counterrevolution at the UN?

The glass of UN reform is more than half full, despite the best efforts of the United States and John Bolton.

Bush and Bremer Blinked

The meeting between the UN, the Coalition, and the Iraqi Governing Council on 19 January suggests that the harsh realities of an election year in the U.S. may be making elections more feasible in Iraq.

Blair’s Pyrrhic Victories

On the face of it, Tony Blair had an almost Clintonesque week as he walked away from two separate train wrecks seemingly unhurt.

Tear Down That Wall, Mr. Sharon

The International Court of Justice??s advisory opinion on the legal consequences of the Israeli Wall in the Occupied Territories is a triumphant vindication of the Palestinian decision to get their case heard there, and of their long term strategy of underlining and restating their legal rights.

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