Ian Williams is a senior analyst whose work has written for newspapers and magazines around the world such as the Australian, The Independent, New York Observer, The Financial Times and The Guardian.


From the Spanish Civil War to Syria: Parceling Out Truth Subverts Justice

George Orwell understood that ignoring obvious horrors for expediency’s sake is a roadblock to justice.

R2P Strikes a Chord: Sovereignty Alone Is Not Enough

The concept of Responsibility to Protect (R2P) has gained general acceptance more quickly than anticipated.

Iran Assassination Plot Has Earmarks of FBI Care and Feeding

One does not have to be a member of the Supreme Leader’s fan club to be skeptical of the Iran assassination allegations.

Ian Williams’s Lost 9/11 Chronicle, Part II

After reporting on the World Trade Center attacks for Canadian Broadcasting, Ian Williams wrote a heretofore unpublished account.

Ian Williams’s Lost 9/11 Chronicle, Part I

After reporting on the World Trade Center attacks for Canadian Broadcasting, Ian Williams wrote a heretofore unpublished account.

Daylight Opening Between U.S. and Israel Barely Visible to Naked Eye

If the U.S. is retain influence in Middle East, it can no longer kowtow to Israeli public opinion while sending billions to local rulers.

Reading Netanyahu the Riot Act Would Have Done More to Halt Terrorism Than Killing bin Laden

Despite bin Laden’s death, the rallying cause for jihad still holds: U.S. support for Israel is as strong now as ever.

Strategic Dialogue: Libya War

Robert Naiman and Ian Williams go head to head on the Libyan War.

Why Did Richard Goldstone Throw the Goldstone Report Under the Bus?

What prompted Richard Goldstone’s pseudo-retraction of the Goldstone Report?

Armchair Anti-Imperialism and Libya

The choice in Libya is clear: to support the popular uprising and not the unpopular tyrant.

Libya Needs Cancer of Gaddafi Removed, But U.S. More Slasher Than Surgeon

Libya is in better hands with the UN Security Council.

Obama Surrenders on Settlements

The Obama administration cast its first UN Security Council veto.

Washington Draws a Line in the Sand on Settlements — With Palestine

Once again the U.S. places the burden of compromising on the settlements squarely on Palestine shoulders.

Ordinary Egyptians Have Little to Show for U.S. Military Aid to Egypt

They have seen little practical benefit from their country’s alleged friendship with the United States.

Fear of the Muslim Brotherhood Trumps Western Wishes for Democracy in Egypt

Meanwhile, Israel’s support for Mubarak adds fuel to protesting Egyptians’ fire.

UN Again in the Crosshairs

With the Republicans back in control of the House, the United Nations is again in the hot seat.

Richard Holbrooke: A Statesman’s Statesman — if You Take Your Diplomacy Straight up Without Principles as a Chaser

When it came to realpolitik, he could make Henry Kissinger look like a liberal.

Canada on Ice: at the UN

Longtime UN champion Canada’s recent failure to win a non-permanent seat on the Security Council speaks volumes about the global community’s reaction to Stephen Harper’s reactionary international positions.

Waste at the UN?

A new leaked memo criticizing Ban Ki Moon and UN corruption scores some points but it is largely wide of the mark.

Multilateralism: B-

The Obama administration is UN-friendly. So why hasn’t it made more of a push to bring the United States into compliance with international conventions?

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    Obama Surrenders on Settlements

    Common Dreams | March 1, 2011

    Canada on Ice

    The Eurasia Review | October 27, 2010