Institute for Policy Studies and OtherWords intern Ian Squires is a freelance writer based in Washington, DC. He was previously a newspaper reporter and columnist with Forum Publishing Group in Broward County, Florida, before working as a copy editor/content producer in Heredia, Costa Rica, for avVenta Worldwide.


Injustice Served

Punishing whistleblowers sends the wrong message.

Palin’s Contract with Stanislaus

Sarah Palin’s demands for a speaking engagement aren’t so folksy.

Rushing to Universal Coverage

It’s great that Rush Limbaugh appreciates universal health care.

What If We’re Not So Angry?

The world won’t end if the United States isn’t likely to end the world.

Yes, Virginia, Slavery Happened

Governor McDonnell apologizes for honoring Confederate “sacrifice” and ignoring slavery.

Investing in Green Energy

Here’s one way to address the climate crisis.

Retire Ronald

The fast food industry and its leading man undermine our health.

We are What We Eat

Get a great new book about how our eating patterns impact the Earth for free.