Institute for Policy Studies and OtherWords intern Ian Squires is a freelance writer based in Washington, DC. He was previously a newspaper reporter and columnist with Forum Publishing Group in Broward County, Florida, before working as a copy editor/content producer in Heredia, Costa Rica, for avVenta Worldwide.


Israel Plans to Meet Next Aid Ships with more Force

Relations with Turkey are deteriorating fast.

House Rebuffs Veto Threat on Fighter Jet Engine Program

Congress hasn’t lost its taste for military pork despite all that chatter about cutting the deficit.

Benefits for the Long-Term Unemployed to be Debated Again

Yet another partisan fight in Congress over whether the long-term unemployed should continue to collect benefits is looming.

Fighting War Funding

Activists and lawmakers are adopting new tactics to rein in spending on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Kagan’s Opponents

Many progressives dislike President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee.

Filthy Factories Won’t Help Sick Kids

Infant’s Tylenol recall illustrates why we need government regulation.

Fragrances Can Really Stink

The diverse, and unknown, range of chemicals we’re exposed to is increasingly unhealthy.

Banks Put on Notice

A Senate amendment bars rewards for enabling bad loans.

Baseball Boycott

Senator Menendez is urging Major League Baseball players to protest Arizona’s new immigration law.

CEOs Tip the Pay Scale

Workers might have to toil for three centuries to earn what their company’s chief executive earns in a year.

Campaigning at Dairy Farms

A Republican candidate for Congress addresses farmers’ troubles.


Arizona’s new immigration law can potentially destroy families.

But Would Restaurants Have to Serve Libertarians?

A Kentucky Republican seeking a Senate seat endorses right to discriminate.

No More Torture

Former MI6 officials condemn U.S. use of torture.

Cornering the Seed Market

American farming can’t afford premium prices for seeds.

Senate Emissions

The Senate climate bill is set to be released on Monday, April 26.

Too Fat to Fight

Many potential recruits are too overweight to join the armed services.

Exploiting Athletes

Big-time college basketball is about to get even bigger.

With All Deliberate Speed

We’re going back to the future with school segregation.