Dr. Ian Davis is an independent human security and arms control consultant and activist. He was formerly executive director of the British American Security Information Council (BASIC) (2001-2007) and before that programme manager at another UK-based thinktank, Saferworld (1998-2001). He has expertise in British and US defence and foreign policy, transatlantic security issues, the international arms trade and arms control and disarmament issues.


NATO at a Crossroads

A plan for a new concept of NATO’s mission and a reformed nuclear policy.

Blair to Brown: Something New Under the Sun?

The new British prime minister wants to limit his own war powers? What gives? What else does he have in mind?

Taking the Wind Out of the Perfect Geopolitical Storm: Iran and the Crisis over Non-proliferation

A one-stop shop for understanding the current crisis over Iran’s nuclear ambitions: the international players, the fuel cycle and major proposals for regulating it, and a policy to steer us to “calmer waters.”