We Welcome Asylum Seekers and Defend Their Rights

An open letter from over one hundred artists, activists, scholars, and writers

Marc Lamont Hill and the Legacy of Punishing Black Internationalists

Contemporary renewals of Black-Palestinian solidarity have faced aggressive attacks by the U.S. liberal establishment. CNN is just the latest example.

Trump Administration Tells Palestinian Refugees to Submit or Starve

The Trump administration’s willingness to target UNRWA singles out Palestinian refugees and holds them hostage.

Okinawa’s Nature Groaning

This article reflects upon the ecological impact and widespread resentment of the U.S. military base in Okinawa.

North Korea’s 100th–To Celebrate or To Surrender?

As North Korea’s launch date for its satellite approaches, the international community has responded with threats and by distancing themselves from Pyongyang. However, a far better solution could be reached from the international community working towards closer relations with North Korea.

Deception and Diplomacy: The US, Japan, and Okinawa

For the student of contemporary Japan, these are sad times…because of the growing sense that Japan lacks a truly responsible democratic government to address these issues, and because its people deserve better.

Contested Waters – Contested Texts: Storm over Korea’s West Sea

Disputes over the maritime border in the West Sea serve to exacerbate inter-Korean tensions.

New Year 2011, Okinawa and the Future of East Asia

The mood across East Asia as 2011 dawns is one of foreboding.

Ideas, Identity and Ideology in Contemporary Japan: The Sato Masaru Phenomenon

Sato Masaru is a name virtually unknown outside Japan but inescapable within Japan.

The Battle of Okinawa 2010: Japan-U.S. Relations at a Crossroad

The “Okinawa problem” has emerged as a crucial bone of contention, not only between the US and Japanese governments but between the people of Okinawa and both governments.

The US-Japan ‘Alliance’, Okinawa, and Three Looming Elections

World attention through the early months of 2010 focused on the tiny hamlet of Henoko in Northern Okinawa as Prime Minister Hatoyama struggled to find a way to meet his (and the Democratic Party of Japan’s) electoral commitment to see that no substitute for the existing Futenma Marine Air Station be constructed in Okinawa.

The Travails of a Client State: An Okinawan Angle on the 50th Anniversary of the US-Japan Security Treaty

For a country in which ultra-nationalism was for so long a problem, the weakness of nationalism in contemporary Japan is puzzling.

The Battle of Okinawa 2009: Obama vs Hatoyama

The making of an unequal, unconstitutional, illegal, colonial and deceitful U.S.-Japan agreement.

Mad Cows, Mad People

What’s the relationship between the beef crisis in South Korea, the humanitarian crisis in North Korea, and the global food crisis?

Asia’s New Axis?

New leaders in Australia and South Korea could mean a shift in geopolitical weight in Asia.