‘Decoding the New Taliban: Insights from the Afghan Field’

Understanding the strength of the Taliban and its supporters could provide needed insight on how to overcome the Taliban using other tools than just the military.

60-Second Expert: Africa Policy Outlook 2010

This year will be critical for U.S. policy toward Africa.

60 Second Expert: The U.S. in Yemen

Much attention has recently been focused on the poverty-stricken country of Yemen.

Review: ‘Stripping Bare the Body: Politics, Violence, War’

Danner’s work reveals misery, destruction, and violence but also provides critical analysis, and history of American foreign policy in the last quarter century.

Underlying Causes of Insecurity in Afghanistan

Much of the Afghanistan debate has been centered in the U.S. But what do Afghans think?

The Struggle Against Free Trade Continues

As the international community’s attention is fixed on the coup and crisis in Honduras, another Central American country fights the constraints and inequalities caused by flawed Free Trade Agreements between the United States and the hemisphere.

A Shift in Focus: Changes in the Missile Defense Program

Obama’s mixing it up on missile defense. But are we safer?

Opportunities and Risks in Honduras

Three months after Honduran President Zelaya was escorted out of the country under gunpoint, the crisis continues.

    The Struggle Against Free Trade Continues

    Foreign Policy In Focus | October 27, 2009