Frida Berrigan serves on the Board of the War Resisters League and is a columnist for Foreign Policy In Focus.


Bush Woos Europe

In his swan song, the U.S. president is trying to twist a few last arms across the Atlantic.

Guantanamo: The Bigger Picture

The case for shutting down not just the prison, but the military base where it sits.

Indonesia’s Arms Appetite

Jakarta wants weapons. Lots of them. And the United States is happy to oblige.

Nukes and the Elections

Forget haircuts and space aliens, Frida Berrigan writes. The media and the candidates should be talking about real issues, like the potential end of the world.

How Much is Enough?

Columnist Frida Berrigan wonders, what ever happened to peace, love, and cutting the U.S. military budget?

The New Military Frontier: Africa

The battle for African hearts and minds will not be won if it’s clear that it is being waged more for the sake of U.S. strategic interests than African needs.

The Elephants of Missile Defense

Moscow and Washington are on a crash course over missile defense. Even Putin’s surprise offer at the G8, columnist Frida Berrigan points out, will not likely avert collision.

Protesting Guantanamo

FPIF columnist Frida Berrigan describes her experience of getting arrested at the Federal District Court building in Washington, DC. The goal: to shut down Guantanamo.

United States Rides Weapons Bonanza Wave

War, instability, and high oil prices have created a perfect storm of profit for the world’s weapons manufacturers. This year, FPIF columnist Frida Berrigan reports, defense military analysts predict the biggest arms bonanza since 1993 … which is saying something because in the aftermath of the first Gulf War the global industry reaped the benefits of a $42 billion arms race.

War or Rumors of War?

Is Washington planning to attack Iran or just bluffing? Columnist Frida Berrigan reads between the lines of the latest U.S. preparations.

U.S. Must Broker Mideast Cease-Fire

The United States supplies most of Israel’s weapons, and it bears some responsibility for the escalating violence in Israel and Lebanon. It must now use its influence to call for an immediate cease-fire in the assault that has killed so many innocent civilians.

Who’s Arming Israel?

Everyone’s talking about the arms suppliers behind Hezbollah. But who’s supplying Israel?

Missile Defense Program Wasteful and Unnecessary

More money does not equal more security.

U.S. Leads the World in Sale of Military Goods

As insecurity mounts from Najaf to New Orleans, more weapons and high-tech military equipment are flowing into some of the globe’s most vulnerable and war-torn regions.

Balancing Security and Democracy

The Bush administration heralds Indonesia as the world’s largest Muslim democracy and a crucial ally in the war on terrorism.

Peace Accord in Sudan

In the first week of January, Sudanese rebels and the Khartoum government signed a pact ending one of Africa’s longest wars.

U.S. Weapons Aid Repression in Aceh

Given the central role of U.S. weapons in this new round of government sanctioned killing, weapons that Indonesia has paid for already, how can the Bush administration wield its influence to demand more from our ally than “transparent” indiscriminate kill

Terror and Torture in the Philippines

Soon after the terrorist attacks of September 2001, the Bush administration launched the “second front” of its war on terrorism, deploying troops in the Philippines for training and joint military exercises in late 2001 and early 2002.

Stumbling Blindly Into War

Might makes right is a recipe for war without end, not the peace that President Bush claims to be seeking.

In Afghanistan, Paying for War is Easier than Paying for Peace

As Washington prepares for war in Iraq, officials are trying to reassure Afghanistan that it will not be lost in the shuffle

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