Frida Berrigan serves on the Board of the War Resisters League and is a columnist for Foreign Policy In Focus.


Enough Already: Close Gitmo

Two years later, President Obama hasn’t kept his promise to shut the Guantanamo prison.

60-Second Expert: Guantanamo

Almost two years after President Obama promised to close Guantanamo, unnamed administration officials are predicting that the prison will remain open “for the foreseeable future.”

Trapped by Guantanamo

President Obama’s signed executive order to close Guantanamo has gone nowhere — nor have cases of those awaiting justice with the prison’s walls.


There is no more fitting way to observe the anniversary of the U.S. bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki then to ratify the new strategic arms reduction treaty, argues columnist Frida Berrigan.

A Way Forward: Reexamining the Pentagon’s Spending Habits

What can you get for a trillion dollars? A new report looks at how how the Pentagon can contribute significantly to deficit reduction while advancing national security goals.

The New Anti-Nuclear Movement

The Obama administration has a new nuclear policy. And we need a new anti-nuclear movement that can reach for change.

Sunrise or Sunset for Iraq?

The Pentagon is now calling its operation in Iraq “New Dawn.” But for Iraqis, as columnist Frida Berrigan points out, it just means same occupiers, different day.

Eight Years of Guantanamo: What’s Changed?

The Obama administration has failed to close the facility by its own deadline. Columnist Frida Berrigan examines what went wrong.

Eight Years of Guantanamo: What’s Changed?

The Obama administration promised to close the infamous detention center but delivered more of the same.

The Conventional Arms Control Challenge

Nuclear disarmament requires movement forward on controlling conventional weapons, argues columnist Frida Berrigan. And the best hope for conventional arms control might be linking it to nuclear abolition.

Losing the Moral High Ground

With the deadline for closing Guantanamo looming, the Obama administration risks repeating many of the errors of the Bush years.

Afghanistan: War Trumps Elections

The military won’t defeat al-Qaeda and the Taliban, writes Frida Berrigan. Nor will elections in an occupied country solve this problem.

Weapons: Our #1 Export?

Rising arms exports may soon make weapons the major U.S. contribution to the world economy.

The News on Nukes

Columnist Frida Berrigan gives us the good, the bad, and the mixed news on the campaign to abolish nuclear weapons.

Progress on Cluster Bombs

With troops heading to Afghanistan and the Pentagon budget still rising, here’s some good news from the military front.

Israel and the United States: Up In Arms

Through its arms deals, the United States has influence over Israel. Columnist Frida Berrigan asks whether President-elect Obama will use that influence to stop the war in Gaza.

Mumbai Wake-up Call

The Obama administration should ditch Washington’s policies of military support and arms exports to India and Pakistan.

Too Many Guns

More than 200 years after our founding fathers enshrined the right to “bear arms” in our Constitution, we have more arms than we can bear.

Avoiding Brinksmanship with Iran

Columnist Frida Berrigan discusses how to ensure that the next administration is not left with a major nuclear mess on its hands.

Trouble at the Pentagon

Misplaced money, cost overruns, contractors gone wild: the Pentagon is in dire need of austerity and oversight.

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    Enough Already: Close Gitmo

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    Enough Already: Close Gitmo

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    Enough Already: Close Gitmo

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    Trapped by Guantanamo

    Common Dreams | November 23, 2010