Writes on Iraq, particularly the Shi’ite Arab majority; Also Iraq — history of internal resistance and political parties Iraq — the 1991 anti-Saddam uprisings betrayed by the last Bush administration Colombia — US support for Colombian military and paramilitary death squads Guatemala — US support for Guatemalan military now running most of America’s cocaine Eritrea — a Marxist revolution gone awry Author, Hate Speech Study, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum; Project Manager, Latin America, International Consortium of Investigative Journalism; Washington Representative, Committee to Protect Journalists; Investigative Consultant, Arms Division, Human Rights Watch. “Painting the Maya Red: Military Doctrine and Speech in Guatemala’s Genocidal Acts,” U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, U.S. Committee on Conscience, forthcoming, 2009; “The Congressman and the Dictator’s Daughter,” Chicago Reader, August 25, 2006; “Is Jerry Weller’s Beach an Ethics Breach?” Chicago Reader, October 25, 2006; “The Untouchable Narco-State: Guatemala’s Military Defies the DEA,” The Texas Observer, November 18, 2005; “Iraq’s Forgotten Majority,” October 3, 2002, The New York Times; “Waiting for the anti-Saddam Revolt: Where is it?” April 11-17, 2003, LAWeekly; Forthcoming article in The Nation on Iraq’s Shia majority;”A Brave Guatemalan Judge Challenges Corrupt Brass Hats,” Wall Street Journal (August 13, 1999); “My Spy Story,” New York Times (February 22, 1996); “Arming Genocide In Rwanda,” Foreign Affairs (September 1994).


After Iraq’s Wartime Elections

The failure of the U.S.-backed election in Iraq is not that it was illegitimate for most Iraqis but that the exercise has only deepened Iraq’s sectarian divisions and perhaps moved the country closer toward the specter of a full-scale civil war.

Who Are the Progressives in Iraq? The Left, the Right, and the Islamists

Iraqis must be valued for who they are, not as pawns in some partisan political agenda–left or right.

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