When America Met Mandela

Mandela’s first visit to the U.S. in 1990s revealed how much America had yet to learn about the anti-apartheid leader who had captured the nation’s imagination.

South Africa at a Crossroads

The 99 percent of black South Africans have not tasted the fruits of democracy and freedom.

UK Takes the Lead in Somalia

The international community should accept that a centralized state structure cannot be reconstituted within the borders of what used to be Somalia.

Principled Intervention in Africa

The recent ICC indictment of four Kenyans represents a model for international involvement in conflict resolution in Africa.

Nigeria’s Perfect Storm

Nigeria is facing a perfect storm of crises including a national strike, widespread protests, and sectarian violence in the north.

America vs China in Africa

By clinging to a paternalistic attitude and an antiquated Washington Consensus, the United States has opened up space for a broad Chinese role in Africa.

History Repeats Itself with Somalia Invasion

Kenya’s invasion of Somalia, with U.S. support, is as ill-advised as the last time a U.S. ally tried to remake the fractured country by force.

A Middle Eastern Dream Deferred?

Are we seeing a revolution in the Middle East or just a rebranding of military dictatorships?

Homegrown Fear Mongering

Targeting Somali youth as terrorists won’t make the United States safer.

Al-Shabaab’s Wakeup Call

After the World Cup bombing by the militant group al-Shabaab, it’s time for a strong regional response to the crisis in Somalia.

U.S. Hijacks ICC conference

A renewed engagement with the ICC suggests that the Obama administration is interested in shaping international law while remaining immune to prosecution under the very laws it helps develop.

Sudan’s Divorce Proceedings

The United States is scrambling to make sure that the looming break-up of south and north Sudan in 2011 is as peaceful as possible.

Piracy Redux

The military response to the Somali pirates has only increased their asking price.

Clinton Tone-Deaf During Africa Trip

Hillary Clinton tried to emphasize the importance of Africa during her recent trip, but only managed to emphasize how marginal the continent remains to U.S. foreign policy.

Hearts and Minds and Empire

The Obama administration is going 3D: defense, diplomacy, and development. Is this a major shift from Bush-era doctrine or simply an updated version of the old counterinsurgency approach?

Strategic Dialogue: Somalia

Two different takes on the Somali pirates and next steps to bring peace and stability to the Horn of Africa.

Somalia: Waiting for Obama

The piracy issue is overblown, and the Obama administration needs to bring all sides to the table to reach a political compromise.

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