Erik is the communications manager at IPS. Previously he served as a research fellow with the peace and security program and with the Foreign Policy In Focus project.

Erik holds an MA in Latin American Studies from the University of New Mexico. He worked with the Interhemispheric Resource Center in New Mexico on Foreign Policy In Focus before moving to Washington to continue his work at IPS in April 1999.

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A New Day

With sweeping Democratic victories in the House, Senate, and presidential races, a new day has dawned for American politics.

Georgia, Iraq, and Athenian Justice

Russia didn’t have to look back to ancient times to learn how to invade another country.

An Athlete at War

Boots on the Ground by Dusk stands as a blistering indictment of how the military and the Bush administration responded to the death of Pat Tillman, the nation’s most famous soldier.

Clearing the Hurdles

The 2008 Beijing Olympics represents a golden opportunity for the brand-conscious sportswear industry to associate its products with the cherished Olympic brand.

Sports as a Resource of Hope

While it’s easy to get swept up in the commercialism at major sports events, one shouldn’t ignore the transformative capacity of sport to produce social change.

Beijing’s Extreme Make-over: Is it worth it?

Will the Bird’s Nest and the massive construction projects undertaken for the summer Olympics in Beijing do more harm than good once the Olympic flame is extinguished?

Behind the Surge in Iraqi Women Suicide Bombers

The rise in Iraqi female suicide bombers illustrates the hollow nature of the widely touted U.S. counterinsurgency strategy in Iraq.

Baseball &#8211 Big and Little: Its Role in U.S.-Cuba Relations

Perhaps young athletes from New England and Alabama can bring down the level of government irrationality on U.S.-Cuba policy a peg or two.

The Double-Edged Sword of Sport and Political Protest

There are some signs that the ever-globalized mass media is helping to portray sport-led political protest to a large audience, yet the effectiveness of the protests surrounding the 2008 Olympics in China will quickly fade away.

The Iranian Chess Game Continues

Diplomacy between Iran and the United States has entered the opening gambit stage and Iran appears to be winning at this point.

A Third Way: Globalization from the Bottom

According to Mark Engler, the future of globalization is in question. Will the fight between “imperial globalization” and “corporate globalization” lead to the rise of democratic globalization”?

Rome vs. Beijing: Olympics that Change the World

David Maraniss’ latest book Rome 1960: The Olympics that Changed the World demonstrates how Beijing 2008 is simply another chapter in the quest for separation between sports and state.

Going for the Gold

Forty years after the historic 1968 Olympics, the eyes of the world are focused on Beijing.

Breaking Taboos: Mixing Sports and Politics with Team Darfur

Breaking taboos, athlete Joey Cheek mixes sports and politics with Team Darfur.

Beyond Ping-Pong Diplomacy

Sports are helping bridge the gap between the United States and North Korea.

Heroes of Beijing: The Triumph of the West

China has bought into the extravaganza of commodification that is modern Olympism and, in so doing, the country’s buy-in to consumer capitalism is almost complete.

What do Governments Want from Sport and What do they Get?

The question of what governments want from sport turns out to be a good deal easier to answer than the question of what they get.

Chess vs Checkers: Iraq, National Security and the Presidential Candidates

It is rare for a candidate to ask Americans to take a step back and think strategically about the national security problems facing the United States.

Postcard from…Cambodia

Dogs are the latest casualty in the food crisis.

An Honorable Way Out of Iraq

The Iraqis have reached a consensus — the U.S. should leave Iraq.

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