Emira Woods is a consultant, strategist, researcher, and advocate specializing in social impact and innovation.

Emira is a Senior Adviser at Shine. The Shine Campaign is a growing community of foundations, faith-based groups and NGOs dedicated to catalyzing investment in access to safe, clean, reliable and affordable energy for all. Together, we are fueling economic development, protecting our planet and transforming lives.

Emira is also a Trustee of the Wallace Global Fund, board member of Action Aid International, and Associate Fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies. In addition, Emira is a founding board member of Africans Rising for Justice, Peace, and Dignity, a network of African social movements. She also serves as a Mentor at the Fighters’ Table supporting Feminist leadership in Black and Brown communities.

Emira has served as Director of Social Impact at ThoughtWorks, a global technology firm. Her work forged strategic relationships linking social movements to innovative technology, funding, policymakers and other resources. Originally from Liberia, Emira led ThoughtWorks’ efforts to bring more robust technology solutions to the Ebola crisis and other global social impact initiatives.

Prior to ThoughtWorks, Ms. Woods worked at the Institute for Policy Studies, as Director of Foreign Policy In Focus. Her focus was on research, analysis, advocacy and communications/media regarding U.S. foreign policy, with added expertise in US-Africa policy. During her career she spent eight years as the Africa Program Officer with Oxfam America and four years as Manager of Development Policy and Practice at InterAction, the U.S. network of intentional development and humanitarian organizations.

Emira also serves on the American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative, Africa Council and the Advisory Board of the Association of Concerned Africa Scholars.

Ms. Woods has been a regular commentator on CNN’s Your World Today, BBC’s The World Today (Weekend), and appears regularly on Al Jazeera, National Public Radio, PBS NewsHour, CGTN and Voice of America. She has written on a range of issues from climate change, trade and investment to U.S. military policy.

Ms. Woods completed her undergraduate studies in Political Science at Columbia University and her graduate studies in Political Economy and Government at Harvard.


Libya Must Shape its Own Future

After 42 years of Muammar el-Qaddafi, it is now long overdue for the Libyan people to determine their own destiny.

Calling for a Ceasefire in Libya

A call to Congress for a cease-fire in Libya, issued by U.S. Non-Governmental Organizations that support human rights and democracy in Africa.

NATO Dispute, Cease-Fire Negotiations Hint at Possible Stalemate in Libya

Intense fighting continues between rebels and Moammar Gadhafi’s forces as NATO nations met in Qatar to debate their next steps in Libya. Gwen Ifill discusses the NATO rift with the Institute for Policy Studies’ Emira Woods and the Brookings Institution’s Shadi Hamid.

Ivory Coast Discussion with Emira Woods

VOA’s Vincent Makori talks to Emira Woods, of the Institute for Policy Studies, on the developments in Ivory Coast.VOA’s Vincent Makori talks to Emira Woods, of the Institute for Policy Studies, on the developments in Ivory Coast.

Ivory Coast’s Gbagbo Detained, Paving the Way for President Elect Ouattara

Emira Woods visits Uprising Radio for an interview on the social unrest that has displaced 2 million Ivorians nationwide.

Emira Woods on the 2010 – 2011 Ivory Coast Crisis

The rule of law, the will of the people, and the results of the elections must be upheld in the Ivory Coast, says Emira Woods.

Arming Libya’s Rebels: Overdue Idea or ‘Disaster in the Making’?

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Wednesday that the U.S. has not yet decided whether to send weapons to Libya’s struggling opposition movement. Jim Lehrer discusses the arms issue with the Institute for Policy Studies’ Emira Woods and Mansour El-Kikhia of the University of Texas at San Antonio.

Labor Rights Advocates Congratulate Bridgestone/Firestone Workers in Liberia on Award from U.S. Dept. of Labor

Union representing rubber workers receives award for work to end child labor.

An Opening for Progressives? Obama to Step up Outreach to Africa in 2011

An opening for progressives in the U.S. and in Africa to push the Obama Administration on its short-sighted Africa policy might exist in 2011.

Statement from Emira Woods on Haiti’s Debt

The IMF gives with one hand and takes with another.

Africa and the Economic Crisis

While the world focuses on Afghanistan, Africa is addressing the global economic crisis in new ways.

Climate Change and Africa’s Natural Resources

On the eve of Copenhagen, momentum is still falling short of what’s needed to prevent disaster. And Africa will feel the effects most of all.

Obama to Africa: Tough Love or Tough Luck?

It is time for Africans to practice some tough love on Barack Obama.

Postcard From…the Niger Delta

The Nigerian military’s joint task force is fighting its own people over access to oil-rich land. The international community needs to push for greater humanitarian access and peaceful resistance efforts in the Niger Delta region.

Obama Visits Africa’s ‘Oil Gulf’

President Barack Obama makes his historic visit to Africa. Born of a Kenyan economist father, Obama will go not to his ancestral lands but to Ghana, Africa’s newest oil state.

Media Briefing Booklet: Obama’s Trip to Ghana

Grassroots leaders provide solutions for a just foreign policy in Africa.

The Oil Need That Fuels U.S. ‘Outreach’ in Africa

U.S. military “outreach” on Africa’s seas and land is in search not of pirates but of oil.

Postcard From…Bi’lin

Foreigners recently joined a weekly march for peace in the West Bank.

Obama and Africa: Much Room For Improvement

The Obama administration can do better on Africa policy.

A Memo to the Next President: Think Globally

The next U.S. administration needs to make the alleviation of global poverty a top priority.

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