Emily Schwartz Greco was the Institute’s op-ed manager and ran OtherWords. OtherWords is a non-profit editorial service that distributes progressive commentary and cartoons to approximately 1,700 editors at newspapers and new media outlets across the nation. She is also an OtherWords weekly columnist. As a writing coach , she had trained a group of New Economy Maryland fellows to write more effectively for the public.

Prior to coming to IPS in 2003, Emily covered foreign policy and economics in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, Brazil, as well as Washington and New York, for the Dow Jones and Bloomberg News services. She earned a M.S. in journalism from Columbia University and a B.A. in Latin American studies and history from the University of Texas at Austin. She has traveled extensively in Latin America, Southeast Asia, and the South Pacific and is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese. She lives in Arlington, Virginia, with her husband and two young children.


Block the Vote

Lackluster Democratic campaigns, coupled with vote-suppressing maneuvers, gave the GOP its edge in the midterm elections.

The Cost of Cheap Chocolate

Despite years of pressure on Hershey’s, Nestlé, and other chocolate heavyweights, thousands of kids under 14 are still doing the tough work of harvesting cocoa beans.

Here Come the Rain and Drought

Many coastal regions must start bracing for frequent floods as key freshwater sources are drying up elsewhere.

Snooping on Everyone While the Big Box Thieves Get Busy

Congress is still dragging its feet on fixes more than a year after Edward Snowden’s alarming revelations first came to light.

Forcing an Island of Peace to Host a Billion-Dollar Military Base

Uncle Sam is wrecking a great deal of South Korea’s top tourist destination.

Drilling Through the Noisy Climate Debate

Naomi Klein’s powerful new book cuts through the jargon to offer real solutions to climate change.

Bombing at a Press Conference Beats Mindlessly Flexing Military Might

The hottest conflicts raging at the moment defy easy answers.

The Class War Goes Retail

Why does Wall Street tank on news portending economic gains for most Americans?

Is the Republican Party Finally Changing Its Tune on Poverty?

Republican politicians with presidential ambitions are suddenly treating people who can’t make ends meet a priority.

Hillary Clinton’s Real Scandal Is Honduras, Not Benghazi

Her Central American foreign policy blunder ought to darken her presidential prospects.

Four Things Obama Should Say During his State of the Union Address

IPS experts weigh in on inequality, taxes, global trade deals, and global talks with Syria and Iran.

This Week in OtherWords: October 9, 2013

Donald Kaul blames the shutdown and the debt-ceiling perils on “zombie lawmakers.”

Forging Ahead at 50

Not every think tank could weather FBI infiltration, scapegoating by right-wing extremists, and even a car-bomb assassination.

This Week in OtherWords: October 2, 2013

Richard Kirsch explores the values divide contributing to the government’s shutdown while Donald Kaul blames the impasse on the Republican Party.

This Week in OtherWords: September 25, 2013

Marge Baker sizes up the next big campaign-finance case before the Supreme Court.

This Week in OtherWords: September 18, 2013

Saru Jayaraman calls on Congress to raise the “sub-minimum” wage.

Saul Landau, Presente!

He had a knack for turning newfound acquaintances into soulmates that shines through a flood of tributes and obituaries in the mainstream and alternative media.

This Week in OtherWords: September 11, 2013

Peter Certo likens the situation in Syria to a “landmine.”

Haiti’s Hard Place

Foreign-funded mining operations may not be enough to alleviate the scourges of cholera, displaced people, and corrupt leaders.

The Nuclear Industry’s Meltdown

The former chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission says every single reactor in the nation should be shut down, starting with the riskiest.

Op-Ed Manager

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