Emily Schwartz Greco was the Institute’s op-ed manager and ran OtherWords. OtherWords is a non-profit editorial service that distributes progressive commentary and cartoons to approximately 1,700 editors at newspapers and new media outlets across the nation. She is also an OtherWords weekly columnist. As a writing coach , she had trained a group of New Economy Maryland fellows to write more effectively for the public.

Prior to coming to IPS in 2003, Emily covered foreign policy and economics in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, Brazil, as well as Washington and New York, for the Dow Jones and Bloomberg News services. She earned a M.S. in journalism from Columbia University and a B.A. in Latin American studies and history from the University of Texas at Austin. She has traveled extensively in Latin America, Southeast Asia, and the South Pacific and is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese. She lives in Arlington, Virginia, with her husband and two young children.


Excerpt: ‘The War Comes Home’

Gerald J. “G. J.” Cassidy’s death illustrates how the problem of medical negligence goes beyond the deplorable conditions at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

Review: ‘Joschka Fischer and the Making of the Berlin Republic’

This absorbing alternative history of postwar Germany by Paul Hockenos chronicles the speedy transformation of a rock-throwing Marxist into a powerful foreign minister.

A Few Bad Apples…Or a Rotten System?

David Bacon’s book ‘Illegal People’ illustrates how U.S. employers deal with undocumented workers as part of a strategy for competition and profits in the age of globalization.

Mumbai Wake-up Call

The Obama administration should ditch Washington’s policies of military support and arms exports to India and Pakistan.

Review: Illegal People

Reading this book as merely a condemnation of bad corporations misses the real insights the book has to offer.

Charting a Progressive International Financial Agenda

We’ve got the best opportunity in 60 years to create a more pro-people global financial order.

‘2025’ Report: A World of Resource Strife

A new National Intelligence Council report forecasts a decline in U.S. power and an increase in competition for dwindling energy supplies that could lead to heightened tensions, internal conflict, and terrorism.

Assessing the G-20 Declaration

This contradictory document identifies financial institution failures and calls for new regulatory measures, and at the same time, salutes the free market and some of the institutions behind the financial and economic crisis.

The Impending Development Aid Crisis

If rich countries respond to their own financial woes by slashing aid to the world’s poorest countries, the Millennium Development Goals will end up on the boulevard of broken dreams.

Beyond the Drug War

The Obama administration should take advantage of promising new trends in Latin America to seek more effective and more humane drug control policies both at home and abroad.

Fair Trade Victory

Favoring fair trade over NAFTA-style policies helped Obama and dozens of congressional candidates prevail in the 2008 elections.

Engaging Pyongyang on Human Rights

Serious economic engagement with North Korea can help improve the human rights situation in one of the bleakest parts of the globe.

International Financial Reform and Africa: What is to be Done?

African nations will need help coping with fallout from the international financial crisis — which they played no part in creating.

Latin Americanists Urge Obama to Revamp Policies

More than 200 scholars are urging the new president to respect Latin America’s new progressive leadership.

Bailout for the World’s Poorest People

With the world’s most impoverished people bearing the brunt of a crisis they had no role in creating, donor countries should come up with a $300 billion package to cushion the economic shock.

The Case for U.S. Withdrawal from Afghanistan

Instead of scaling up an already disastrous war, the United States could change course in a way that would ultimately do a lot more to ensure the world’s safety.

The IMF is Dead; Long Live the IMF

Without bothering to learn from the mistakes that until recently had it desperately seeking a new mission, the IMF again is turning into the world’s financial firefighter.

Winter Soldier: Domingo Rosas

One veteran’s chilling account of what he saw while serving in the Iraq War underscores the violent way U.S. forces have treated Iraqi detainees, even after they’ve died.

Latin America’s New Consensus

The region’s newfound independence may blunt the impact of global economic turmoil.

We Only Need One Bretton Woods II

The November 15 economic summit isn’t the best way to address many of the underlying issues that contributed to the global economic crisis in developing countries.

Op-Ed Manager

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