Dedrick Asante-Muhammad has been a long time thought leader focused on racial economic inequality. He started his work as the first Racial Wealth Divide Coordinator at United For A Fair Economy. He then went on to work with Chuck Collins at Institute for Policy Studies Inequality and Common Good Program. Dedrick then went on to become the Senior Director of the Economic Department for the NAACP and currently is the Chief of Race, Wealth and Community for the National Community Reinvestment Coalition.

Dedrick has also worked for Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network, multi-cultural centers and Bedford Hills Correctional Facility.

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Structural Inequality: News Not Fit to Print?

President Obama’s address to the NAACP acknowledged that racial inequality is not an African-American problem, but rather a problem of our entire nation. So why didn’t the New York Times?

President Obama and the Harsh Racial Reality

Despite electing the first African-American president, the United States still faces deepening racial inequality.

White Privilege in the Americas

Even though white privilege and racist socioeconomic orders in Latin America are different than those found in the United States, the deconstruction of the racial divide is something needed throughout the hemisphere.

The Foundation of the Racial Divide

People of all racial and ethnic backgrounds must recognize the racial wealth divide, and work together to overcome it.

White Recession, Black Depression

Nearly 30% of Blacks have zero net worth. We should remember racial inequality is most pronounced during economic hard times.

State of the Dream 2009

Dedrick Muhammad and the Institute for Policy Studies have once again partnered with United For A Fair Economy for the “State of the Dream 2009: The Silent Depression.”

A Sensible Plan for Recovery

Americans recognize the need to act on our current crisis but detest the idea that ordinary taxpayers should bear the brunt of bailing out the kingpins of Wall Street.

Post-Racial Racism at the Post

Claims of a post-racial society are undermined by racism in mainstream media.

Remembering a Black Radical in a Barack Obama America

Remembering the legacy of Kwame Ture in light of the historical election of Barack Obama.

Analysis of Treasury Department Rules on Executive Compensation for Bailout Firms

Treasury Department’s new rules clarify some provisions in the bailout but fail to set monetary limits for CEO pay.

Reaction to Bailout Vote

IPS analysts say Wall Street, not taxpayers, should pay.

IPS Plan to Pay for Recovery

Where to Find $900 Billion from the Wall Street Speculators.

10 Ways to Bail Out Wall Street (and Main Street) Without Soaking Taxpayers in Debt

Who says we need to borrow a trillion dollars to save Wall Street from its own excesses?

Christians United for Israel and Attacking Iran

We can’t ignore Christian Zionists’ influence on U.S. policy toward the Middle East

The Mirrors of History

Members of a prominent slave-trading family confront the wounds of the past and present.

Race and Extreme Inequality

Will Obama’s presidential candidacy signal a change for impoverished African-Americans?

40 Years Later: The Unrealized American Dream

Economic inequality between African Americans and whites is still at the foundation of racial inequality.

U.S.: 40 Years in the Wilderness

Four decades after his death, Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s words tragically speak to our current reality.

Change to Believe In

Forty years after the Kerner Commission report, the nation remains divided into separate and unequal societies.

State of the Dream 2008

IPS and United for a Fair Economy find the subprime lending crisis is causing the greatest loss of wealth to people of color in modern U.S. history.

Chief of Race, Wealth and Community

Bridging the Divide, Program on Inequality and the Common Good

Extreme Inequality, Inequality, Race, Wealth

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