I Can’t Watch Another Police Killing

Shocking videos will come and go, but systemic police violence will continue regardless of whether we’re watching — and it demands a systemic solution.

Five Reforms Every Police Department Should Make

Black Americans will never trust the police without serious measures to reduce police violence and improve accountability.

“Affordable?” For Whom?

As rent prices soar in Boston’s Jamaica Plain neighborhood, JPNet’s State of Our Neighborhood forum helps to give community residents and merchants a voice.

U.S. Aid for Tsunami-Hit Nations Falls Short

As the full extent of the destruction and death the tsunami wrought in South Asia becomes clear, significant aid pledges are finally pouring in.

Bush Overstates Africa Aid Increase

Now, the hard work begins of pressuring leaders, including Bush and Congress, to make the actual content of U.S. proposals match the G8 summit??s lofty rhetoric.