Reimagining School Safety

A look at the dangers posed to students by law enforcement and how to invest in real school safety for our nation’s children.

Reimagining School Safety Resolution Toolkit

Real school safety means divesting from school resource officers and investing in restorative practices, social development, health, and counseling.

Teach Anti-Racism in Schools. It’s Worth It.

Research shows engaging directly with our country’s racist past and present helps students of all colors.

Get Cops Out of Schools: A Factsheet

Educators are waking up to the grave emotional and developmental harm school resource officers cause. School districts must reallocate their resources.

The Crisis in Syria Calls Out for an Intervention — with Russia

The international community should have a diplomatic “intervention” with Syria’s strongest remaining ally, Russia.

Annan’s Syria Plan Another Olive Branch Assad Will Crush?

At the moment a ceasefire seems to be holding.

Friends of Syria Meeting Today a Tipping Point?

The Friends of Syria meeting in Istanbul, Turkey today has the potential to change the stalemate over Syria.