Trouble on the Other Side of the Euphrates

Iraqi demonstrators are now taking matters into their own hands.

The Depths of Malaise in Palestine

Two recent polls find that Palestinians are drifting towards Hamas and are more willing to engage in violent resistance to free themselves of occupation.

Alawites Against Assad

A new group of opposition Alawites is complicating the increasingly sectarian character of Syria’s civil war.

Carnage in the Streets of Iraq

Attacks from Iraq’s Sunni militant groups are unlikely to provoke Shia reprisals. But what the violence can do is increase the chances that Iraqis will lose complete faith in their political leaders.

Al-Qaeda in Iraq’s Strategy for 2012

What is the terrorist group trying to accomplish this year, and will the Iraqi government respond effectively?

Don’t Count Bashar Out

The protests in Syria are encouraging, but Bashar al-Assad will pull out all the stops before he leaves voluntarily.

The Power of Political Islam

The United States has a real opportunity to encourage Islamists to express their frustrations through peaceful means.

    Iraq: Trouble On The Other Side Of The Euphrates

    The Albany Tribune | May 17, 2013

    Al-Qaeda in Iraq’s Strategy for 2012

    Eurasia Review | March 28, 2012