Conn Hallinan is a columnist for Foreign Policy In Focus.


Libya and the Law of Unintended Consequences

Coming to terms with NATO’s intervention in the Libyan civil war is a little like wresting a grizzly bear: big, hairy, and likely to make one pretty uncomfortable no matter where you grab a hold of it.

Killing Libya in Order to Save It: Gulf War Syndrome

Modern battlefields tend to be toxic nightmares, and depleted uranium is one of the main culprits.

Is the Libya Intervention Directed at China?

It may be a symptom of a perceived need on the part of the U.S. to keep control of energy from China.

Europe’s Austerity: Like Something Out of the Brothers Grimm

Whether in crowds of 200 or 250,000, the public is beginning to object to austerity measures.

By Enabling India’s Nuke Program U.S. Shares Blame for Pakistan’s

Our illegal nuclear deal with India goads Pakistan to expand its illegal nuclear program.

Left Bares Its Claws in Irish Vote

The elections made it clear that the Irish want a change.

Raymond Davis Incident Shows How Tangled U.S.-Pakistan Web Is

The Raymond Davis incident encapsulates the growing estrangement between the two countries over their respective strategies in Afghanistan.

Beijing and Washington: Things That Go Bang

The United States and China should not let their generals dictate the terms of the relationship.

Israeli Military, President, and Intelligence Services at Each Other’s Throats Over Attacking Iran

The always lively debate within Israel over whether to attack Iran has turned bitter.

The Irish Elections and the Ghost of Padraic Pearse

They’re scheduled for Feb. 25 and Irish eyes are not smiling.

Iran, the New York Times and the Laws of Physics

According to the Times, Iran is on the threshold of producing weapons-grade fuel.

How Lebanon Got So Complicated

Lebanon’s complexity can be sorted out when viewed through the lens of history.

The Empire Strikes Back at Latin America

The Obama administration’s acceptance of the Honduran coup sent a chill throughout Latin America.

60-Second Expert: Afghanistan

The U.S. military no longer cares about winning “hearts and minds.”

Afghanistan: Killing Peace

Nine years into the war in Afghanistan, the costs still aren’t worth the price paid.

Obits for “Fabled Hero” of Vietnam War, Vang Pao, Omit CIA Drug Connection

Vang Pao’s passing reminds us how U.S. enables drug dealing as means to foreign-policy ends.

The 2010 “Are You Serious?” Awards

Top news stories and newsmakers of dubious distinction.

60-Second Expert: Kashmir

Washington needs to address this pivotal region of the world.

Ireland: The Great Famine 2.0

Historical analogies are tricky, but the potato famine and the current economic crisis have parallels that are hard to ignore.

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