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Newt Gingrich: Right About EMPs, Wrong About Who’d Use Them

If anyone poses a threat with electromagnetic pulse weapons, it’s not Iran, but the United States.

Are 24 Pakistani Soldiers Dead Because of the “Fog of War” or a Calculated Strike?

Was the NATO attack that killed 25 Pakistani soldiers an accident or an attempt to torpedo peace talks?

Playing With Fire on the Korean Peninsula

Why is the Obama Administration throwing cold water on talks with North Korea?

Pakistan: Reversing the Lens

Terrorism is not a statistic for the Pakistanis.

The Price of the Libya Intervention: Surface to Air Missiles for All

One legacy of attacking Libya is 20,000 surface-to-air missiles gone missing.

CIA’s Drone Wars Blur Distinction Between Military and Civilian Combatants

Civilians of the CIA conducting drone attacks invites retaliation on U.S. citizens.

U.S. Arms Sales to Taiwan Accomplishes Little More Than Pushing China’s Buttons

The recent decision by the Obama Administration to sell $5.8 billion in arms to Taiwan will annoy Taipei, irritate Beijing, and stir up the China bashers.

Light at End of Afghan Tunnel Recedes With Brazen Taliban Attacks, Army Desertion, and Flourishing Opium Trade

The U.S.-NATO presence in Afghanistan is becoming increasingly immaterial.

The New Scramble for Africa

How did a right-wing thinktank devise U.S. policy toward Africa?

Shadow Warriors: Movin’ On Up

The U.S. is embarking on a military sea change that will replace massive deployments, like Iraq and Afghanistan, with stealthy night raids, secret assassinations, and death-dealing drones.

Afghanistan: U.S. and Pakistan Seek to Reinforce a Border That Was Arbitrary to Begin With

If there are general rules of war, certainly one of them is: “Do not fight in places that the Rand McNally three-dimensional map puts lots of bumps.”

Afghanistan: Anatomy of a Hit

The assassination of Ahmed Wali Karzai is certain to destabilize Kandahar, making the need for talks with the Taliban evermore likely.

Italy: Barbarians — in Suits — at the Gates

There is a sense that Italians are holding their breath.

“Blasted and Blasted and Blasted”: The Military Traumatic Brain Injury Epidemic

Even mild traumatic brain injuries among the military can have devastating consequences.

Iran’s Turmoil at the Top

The president and the clerics have squared off in Tehran. Will it push Iran over the edge?

The New Face Of War

The Obama administration is taking war to a new level, and that’s not good news.

Call for Attacks on Libyan Infrastructure Provides Glimpse of NATO’s Real Motives

They’re at obvious odds with the ostensible purpose of the siege — to benefit the Libyan people.

The New York Times Backs the Administration’s Tenderize-the-Taliban Policy

The New York Times coverage of Afghanistan is more informative with what it doesn’t report than what it does.

Could the Death of bin Laden Become a Cornerstone of Peace in Afghanistan?

Allowing bin Laden to be killed may have been Pakistan’s way of consenting to the Afghanistan peace process.

Europe’s Crisis and the Pain in Spain

If Spain and Italy are forced to apply for bailouts, it is not clear the European Union or the euro would survive.

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