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Syria and the Dogs of War

Once loosed, the dogs of war range where they will.

Japan v. China: Smoke or Fire?

Thanks in part to U.S. announcement of deployment of an ABM system in Japan, the smoldering between Japan and China could burst into open flames.

Mali’s War: The Wages of Sin

The bad dream unfolding in Mali is the consequence of the West’s scramble for resources in Africa, and the wages of sin from the recent Libyan war.

Review: Cultures of Resistance

A beautiful new film charts the course of nonviolent resistance the world over.

Remembering Alexander Cockburn

Cockburn was famously fierce and could be absolutely scathing to those who disagreed with him, but his politics were always coherent and deep-seated.

The New York Times Drones on About the Morality of Drones

Dresden and drones are a false equivalency.

Iran Sanctions: War by Other Means

In a sense, we are already at war with Iran.

Turkish F-4 Activated Syrian Radar to Scope Out Blind Spots

The Turkish F-4 that Syria shot down was testing Syria’s radar.

Spanish Austerity Savage to the Point of Sadism

The Spanish bailout is yet another witches brew of cutbacks, layoffs, and austerity.

Asia’s Mad Arms Race

Asia is currently in the middle of an unprecedented arms race that is sharpening tensions in the region and competing with efforts to address poverty and growing inequality.

Latin America Delivers a Good, Swift Kick to the U.S.

The Latin American countries are forging a multi-polar world in which the U.S. looks increasingly out of touch.

U.S. Thinking on Afghanistan Is Not Just Magical, But Hallucinatory

For an administration marked its nuanced policies, virtually every decision the White House has made on Afghanistan has been a disaster.

The Frog and the Scorpion

Amid slowing growth and an awakening population, can China avoid the scorpion’s sting of capitalism much longer?

Irish Try to Wriggle Free of Mother Merkel’s Hair Shirt of Debt

Can the current Irish resistance movement turn the tide against the austerity madness that has gripped the European continent?

Solving Syria Requires Separating Myth From Reality

To the West, Syria is a tale of two tales.

The Slide Toward War

If Israel or the United States starts a disastrous war with Iran, it will be because someone thought it was a good idea.

Israel’s War on Democracy (and Why Americans Should Be Concerned)

The Israeli right’s assault on democracy could remove the obstacles to an attack on Iran.

New York Times Continues to Conceal U.S. Role in 1965 Indonesia Coup

Why is the New York Times still concealing the role that the United States played in the 1965 Indonesia coup?

Cyber War: Reality or Hype?

Is cyber war everything it’s cracked up to be, and is the United States really so behind the curve in the scramble to develop cyber weapons?

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