Christine Ahn is a policy and research analyst with the Global Fund for Women and a Foreign Policy In Focus columnist.


Of Bases and Budgets

U.S. military bases are very costly to the people of the Asia-Pacific region and to people here in America as well.

Naval Base Tears Apart Korean Village

The struggle over Jeju Island in South Korea is heating up, with civil society activists standing up against a powerful military.

Agent Orange in Korea

Whistleblowers have unearthed the widespread use of Agent Orange by the U.S. military in Korea.

60-Second Expert: DSK

The IMF has been violating women since 1945.

The IMF’s Assault on Women

Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s alleged attack on a hotel housekeeper is shocking and deeply symbolic of the IMF’s attitude towards women.

The IMF: Violating Women since 1945

The personal acts of Dominique Strauss-Kahn mirror the policy impacts of the institution he heads up.

Bring War Dollars Home by Closing Down Bases

Closing U.S. military bases overseas is a key part of moving the money to meet human needs at home and abroad.

Top 10 Wins for Women’s Movements

Here’s some good news in celebration of International Women’s Day.

Free Trade Kills Korean Farmers

The Obama administration is pushing a free trade agreement that will have dire consequences for Koreans.

Resolving the Face-Off in Korea

The United States can play an important role in dialing back tensions in the disputed waters between North and South Korea, writes columnist Christine Ahn.

Make 1325 Real for Women’s Peace and Security

The UN Security Council Resolution 1325 on women, peace and security just turned 10 years old — but few nations are helping it meet its goals of involving women in peacemaking and peacekeeping.

We’re Hemorrhaging Jobs From the “War Wound” of Defense Spending

The solution to our economic crisis lies in drastically reducing our military budget.

60-Second Expert: Nix the FTA

The U.S.-South Korea FTA is broken and not worth fixing.

Forget the FTA Fix, Just Say No

The U.S.-Korean free-trade agreement holds no promise for workers or small farmers in either the United States or South Korea

The Problem with Lee’s Reunification Plan

The people of South Korea, North Korea and the United States are already paying a tax, not for reunification, but for preparation for war

Sixty Years of Failed Sanctions

The United States is yet again tightening sanctions against North Korea. The policy hasn’t worked for six decades, why will it work now?

Move the Money, Starve the Empire

At the U.S. Social Forum in Detroit, reports columnist Christine Ahn, a new and powerful antiwar movement came together.

Arizona Rising

The fight against Arizona’s new immigration law is heating up.

The State of the World’s Women

On the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day: the good, the bad, and the potentially ugly.

Democracy Thwarts U.S. Base Plans

From Okinawa to Guam, citizens are making the best-laid Pentagon plans go awry.

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    Endangering Women Human Rights Defenders

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    Environmentalists Stifled in Jeju

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