Chris Hellman is the Communications Liaison for the National Priorities Project. He is an experienced military policy analyst whose work has focused on national security spending, military planning and policy, base closures, major weapons systems, trends in the defense industry, global military spending, and homeland security.


Tough Budget Choices

Non-security discretionary programs are being squeezed by our nation’s rising military spending.

The Pentagon Budget: More of the Same. Much, Much, More.

We can do all the things that need to be done within the defense budget without increasing spending, thus relieving pressure on other federal initiatives, provided that we are willing to make the necessary choices.

The Bush Administration: What Can We Expect for the Pentagon?

An analysis of defense under Bush, in light of the new defense secretary nominee.

Campaign 2000: Why is Military Spending Not an Issue?

The U.S. must recognize that preventive actions — diplomacy, contributing to global economic development, promoting political and religious freedom — that get to the root causes of conflict are the long-term paths to global peace and stability.

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