Dr. Carol B. Thompson is a professor of political science at Northern Arizona University. Dr. Thompson’s research interests focus on analysis of global economic relations which constrain small scale farmers’ ability to sustain biodiversity and to provide food security.


Africa: Green Revolution or Rainbow Evolution?

Kofi Annan and the Bill Gates want to bring the Green Revolution to Africa. Will this herald a new age for African agriculture or the destruction of the continent’s biodiversity?

Zimbabwe: Intersection of Human Rights, Land Reform, and Regional Security

Contentious debates in Zimbabwe resonate across Southern Africa, reflecting the post-apartheid struggles for human rights, economic redistribution, and security.

Economic Policy Toward Africa

For 20 years the gap has been widening between the level of economic development in Africa and every other area of the world.

    Africa, Congo/Zaire, debt, Debt Relief, Food Aid, Global Governance/UN, International Monetary Fund, South Africa, Structural Adjustment, U.S. Aid, U.S. Economic/Trade Policy, WTO