Brian Wakamo is an Inequality Research Analyst at the Institute for Policy Studies. He assists in maintaining and updating the fact section with the latest data on various forms of inequality, along with working with the American Postal Workers Union on countering privatization, and helping with general data visualization and social media for the team.

Prior to working at IPS, he was a Next Leader in the Global Economy project at IPS in the spring of 2018, and before that, he also interned at ONE DC, helping fight gentrification, and at Let America Vote, where he organized and gathered support for voting rights. He graduated from the American University in May 2018 with a BA in International Studies with a focus on global inequality and development. He is from Atlanta, Georgia.


5 Charts on Taxing Wealth to Pay for the Build Back Better Agenda

Proposals in play to pay for the ambitious public investment plan could help reverse skyrocketing wealth inequality.

5 Charts on Tackling Bad Corporate Behavior Through Taxes

Proposals on the table to pay for the Build Back Better Act could rein in offshoring, excessive CEO pay, and wasteful stock buybacks.

Close the Carried Interest Loophole and End Private Equity Abuse

To help pay for vital public investments, Congress needs to end a tax loophole that has allowed greedy private equity execs to pay a lower tax rate than many middle-class Americans.

Taxpayers are Subsidizing Soaring CEO Pay at Pentagon Contractors

If Congress doesn’t crack down on military contractor pay, the White House should.

10 Charts on the State of U.S. Workers on the 2nd Pandemic Labor Day

While workers are continuing to struggle under COVID, corporate lobbyists are converging on Capitol Hill to block proposed pro-labor reforms.

11 Charts on Taxing the Wealthy and Corporations

Here’s everything you need to know about the urgency of fair tax reforms to pay for vital public investments and reverse extreme inequality.

Executive Excess 2021

Low-Wage Workers Lost Hours, Jobs, and Lives. Their Employers Bent the Rules — To Pump up CEO Paychecks.

House Dems Push Postal Banking Pilots as an Alternative to Predatory Firms

Thirty-three members have asked for federal budget funding to test out expanded postal financial services in 10 rural and urban communities.

As Rich Nations Protect Corporate Patents, the Global Vaccine Divide is Widening

People in high-income countries represent 16 percent of the world’s population, but have received 56 percent of COVID-19 vaccine doses.

Black Families Have a Major Stake in the Future of the Postal Service

USPS is a vital source of decent jobs for Black workers. It could also narrow the racial wealth divide by expanding financial services.

Five Painful Charts on COVID and Black America

This Black History Month, hard data reveal how the pandemic has widened racial divides.

The Pandemic is Sparking a Wave of Union Drives on College Campuses

In Arizona, two universities are spearheading an effort to unionize the entire state’s higher education workforce.

14 Successful Ballot Initiatives to Reduce Inequality

On November 3, voters in many states and cities approved a variety of inequality-related proposals, from taxing the wealthy to increasing the minimum wage and tenant protections.

17 Ballot Initiatives to Reduce Inequality

On November 3, voters in many states and cities will weigh in on a variety of inequality-related proposals, from taxing the wealthy to increasing worker and tenant protections.

Inequality and COVID-19 in 13 Charts

A new data visualization series illustrates how the pandemic and flawed policy responses have widened long-standing economic, racial, and gender divides.

The NFL Can’t Avoid Politics Even If It Wants To

NFL owners and even some fans might want to simply watch their teams compete and forget about the world’s problems. Right now, that’s just not possible.

Professional Athletes and the Power of a Union

If a few sports walkouts can force change on the national level, imagine what an Amazon or Wal-Mart walkout could do.

USPS Needs Financial Aid to Continue Providing Essential Services

Despite a boom in package deliveries, USPS is facing insolvency due to crisis-related drops in mail revenue and increased costs.

Postal Workers Deliver a Message to Capitol Hill: Save the USPS

Two million Americans petitioned Capitol Hill to show their support for the survival of our public Postal Service.

Instead of Bailing Out For-Profit Colleges, Congress Should Cancel Student Debt

Lifting student debt burdens would particularly benefit people of color, while giving the economy a major boost.