Starving Africa’s Future?

President Obama’s latest initiative for Africa, Feed the Future, is likely to end up feeding the corporations eager to make a profit off of African farmers.

Congo’s Quest for Liberation Continues

The world still extracts resources from Congo, and the Congolese still don’t get the benefits.

Denouncing Dictatorship in Uganda

Obama should repudiate U.S. support for Uganda’s near-dictator.

AFRICOM’s Ugandan Blunder

The Pentagon touts a victory for the Africa Command’s support of a recent Ugandan incursion into Congo. Media reports suggest otherwise.

Congress Challenges AFRICOM

Congress is asking the right questions about the need for the Pentagon’s new Africa Command.

Rwanda and the War on Terrorism

A common flaw in U.S. foreign policy is the politicization of foreign assistance. Whether Republican or Democratic, U.S. administrations allow narrowly defined “national interests” – instead of needs, priorities, and realities in a given country – to dictate foreign assistance. And Rwanda is an excellent case in point.

    Congo’s Quest for Liberation Continues

    Common Dreams | July 1, 2010