A Nation still Divided: Rwanda’s elections provoke fierce debate at Washington briefing

A tense briefing on Rwanda’s August 9 elections demonstrated that politics still evoke a strong emotional response from many Rwandans, 16 years after their devastating genocide.

Wikileaks Releases ‘Afghan War Diary’

With this latest bright spotlight illuminating shortcomings of the past, Obama ought to direct the resulting buzz toward changing the war’s present futile trajectory.

From the Frontlines: July 14, 2010

Stiglitz on the stimulus, six months after the earthquake, and what we could do with a trillion dollars.

Pass Christian’s Last Crawfish Boil

After witnessing the devastating effects of the BP oil disaster, Gulf Coast residents worry that ghost towns will follow hurricanes this year.

Supreme Court Rules Against Crime-Fighting

It’s now harder for Chicago cops to confiscate gangmembers’ guns.

Supreme Court Misfires on Second Amendment Ruling

When federal government uses the Second Amendment to shoot towns and states in the foot, our ability to protect violence is severely crippled.

Protesters Speak Out Against U.S. Support for Ethiopian Government

The sizeable DC Ethiopian diaspora protested U.S. tacit support of the corrupt Zenawi, who was recently re-elected.

Obama’s Speech on the BP Oil Disaster

The president needs to harness the public’s progressive spirit if he wants to enact real change on energy.

Rwanda arrests U.S. Lawyer defending Opposition Candidate

Justice and rule of law shouldn’t take vacations, especially when champions of the law like Peter Erlinder need our help.