Winners and Losers in a New Middle East

The Arab Spring is the most profound foreign policy challenge facing the United States, and Washington’s response could help shape the course of the Middle East for decades.

Defeating Hitler and Saving Israel

A left-leaning dissident Israeli makes the case that Israeli Jews have lost their way, and says to get back on track, Israel needs to admit to its share of responsibility for the plight of the Palestinians.

Lessons from Moscow and Tehran

The United States could learn a lot from Russia’s patient and persistent engagement with Iran described in detail in Persian Dreams, a new book by a State Department analyst.

Gaza: The Way Forward

The longer a comprehensive settlement is put off the more difficult it will be to achieve.

On the Brink of Peace in the Middle East?

A convergence of interests in the region provide a golden opportunity for the United States to reverse its policy and help bring peace to the Middle East.