Renowned author and activist Barbara Ehrenreich was an IPS staff member in the 1980s and founded the Economic Hardship Reporting Project at IPS in 2012. She also served as the Vice Chair of the IPS board until her death in September 2022. Learn more about Barbara and her invaluable contributions to IPS and the world of progressive politics.





It’s Time for T.S.A. Workers to Strike

The shutdown is painful, but it is also an opportunity for labor to take a stand.

Divisions of Labor: The New Struggles of the Working Class

New kinds of work require new ideas — and new ways of organizing.

Tip Till It Hurts—Just Don’t Feel Smug About It

The tipping initiative by Maria Shriver sidesteps Marriott’s responsibility to pay its housekeepers a living wage.

American Poverty, 50 Years Later

Poverty is not, after all, a cultural aberration or a character flaw. Poverty is a shortage of money.

Making Sense of Poverty Numbers

The recent Census data on poverty in America hide as much as they reveal.

Why Welfare Reform Fails its Recession Test

Our ‘social safety net’ isn’t holding up at a time when we need it most.

Battered by the Storm: How the Safety Net Is Failing Americans and How to Fix It

The economic crisis is still on the rise for millions of Americans, while at the same time the social safety net is failing to support many of them.

The Recession’s Racial Divide

African Americans are taking on the brunt of the recession with disproportionately high rates of unemployment and foreclosure.

The Destruction of the Black Middle Class

Left out of the commentary on race and class over the Gates affair has been talk of the increasing impoverishment — or, we should say, re-impoverishment — of African Americans as a group.

Corporate America, Ground Your Jets

The American taxpayer, reeling from the economic meltdown, doesn’t feel like subsidizing lavish jets and bonuses any more.

Arts Stimulus Plan

Here’s a detailed call for the stimulus plan to include a program that will support artists and writers.

A New Inequality in America

Listen to the story from RadioNation with Laura Flanders

This Land Is Their Land

In the era of the superrich, if a place is truly beautiful, ordinary people can’t afford to be there.

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