Could Elizabeth Warren Fix Clinton’s Progressive problem?

Clinton could address voter skepticism and shatter another glass ceiling by creating the first all-female presidential ticket.

Inequality is at the Heart of the Verizon Strike

Tens of thousands of Verizon employees walked off the job to protest the corporate giant that has registered massive profits and lavished extravagant pay on executives while shortchanging workers and customers.

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Inequality in the SEC Primary States

Super Tuesday voters in Southern states should consider the one thing they all have in common: crushing inequality.

Inequality in America’s Political Class

The wealth gap between the presidential candidates and average Americans could hardly be more stark.

Violence in Papua: The Role of Military Elements in Perpetuating Violence

Papua, until recently known as Irian Jaya, constitutes more than 20% of the Indonesian landmass, but has a relatively small population of just over two million (about one percent of Indonesia’s population), with about 65% of that population being ethnic P