Africa Policy Outlook 2006

In 2006, as concern grows over the most pressing security threats, from HIV/AIDS and the bird flu to the ongoing genocide in Darfur, the U.S. will face increasing demands to adapt its Africa policy to address these contemporary challenges.

U.S. Faces Moment of Truth on Darfur

The U.S. gets an opportunity in February to end the genocide.

Africa Policy Outlook 2005

There are some people in the world’s wealthy countries who forecast that 2005 will be a decisive year for Africa.

Intervene to Save Darfur

For the past two years, the destruction of Darfur has played out before the eyes of the world, and the member countries of the United Nations have remained largely paralyzed.

Africa Policy Outlook 2004

Discussing U.S. policy in Africa

Africa Policy Outlook 2003

In 2003 U.S. policy toward Africa will be driven almost exclusively by geopolitical considerations related to Washington’s war plans against Iraq, and by its geostrategic interests in African oil.

Walter Kansteiner: Assistant Secretary of State for Africa

The nomination of someone as unsuitable as Kansteiner deserves greater scrutiny and public opposition.