Andrée has worked in the past as a teacher, religious educator, writer and translator (Czech). She joined the IPS Boston team in 2008 to coordinate the Forum Organizing Project , an effort to connect and support organizations that hold forums: community-based series of lectures, events, workshops, concerts and other gatherings. She also works on the Common Security Club project — small group organizing to educate, support and motivate people around the economic crisis. Andrée is grateful to be doing such relevant work in these times.

In her “spare time” Andrée is creating a zero-carbon demonstration home in Jamaica Plain with her partner and their three sons: the JP Green House She is the mother of Kuba (10) and Simon (7), and her partner is environmental campaigner Ken Ward. She has degrees from Smith College and Harvard University.


Church in Our Times: Spirit and Security in the Face of Reality

People are forming groups where they can face the reality that we are not going back to a growth economy, that our earth is truly imperiled, and that we must create the new world now.

Postcard From…Capitol Climate Action

With the climate in the balance, it’s time to step up the pressure on coal.

    Postcard From…Capitol Climate Action

    Common Dreams | March 6, 2009

    Postcard From…Capitol Climate Action

    Foreign Policy In Focus | March 5, 2009