The Long Struggle for Moro Autonomy in the Philippines

An interview with a commander of the Moro National Liberation Front in the Philippines.
The Wahhabi War on Indonesia’s Shiites

The Wahhabi War on Indonesia's Shiites

Indonesia's Shi'a minority is under heavy attack by Saudi-funded Wahhabists.
Postcard from Kiribati

Postcard from Kiribati

Mortally threatened by climate change, Kiribati's future will be determined by one airport runway.
Postcard from Hatay

Postcard from Hatay

The locals in one Turkish border province take a dim view of the anti-Assad fighters making their home there.
Postcard from…Dadaab

Postcard from...Dadaab

The invasion of Somalia has spillover effects in Kenya.
Postcard from…Kampala

Postcard from...Kampala

Tensions remain high in Uganda even one year after riots left dozens dead.

Postcard From...Kigali

Paul Kagame is on track to win a second term as Rwanda's president. But he is increasingly isolated, both domestically and internationally.
Postcard From…Thailand

Postcard From...Thailand

The Thai government is cracking down on protesters, but don't expect much criticism from Washington.
Postcard From…Kogelo

Postcard From...Kogelo

Barack Obama's grandmother, full of hope, is working for change in west Kenya.
Interview with Mwandawiro Mghanga

Interview with Mwandawiro Mghanga

The Kenyan opposition leader talks about U.S. relations with his country in the age of Obama.
Postcard From…Cape Town

Postcard From...Cape Town

Africa is getting its first World Cup this year. But not everyone in Cape Town is enthusiastic.
Postcard From…Chile

Postcard From...Chile

Two earthquakes have shaken the Latin American country. The political one might have greater long-term impact.

Postcard From...Bangkok

One of Thailand's major opposition activists reflects on the trial of the former prime minister and the country's color wars.
Postcard From…Jakarta

Postcard From...Jakarta

A new statue of Barack Obama in Jakarta is the focus of protest.
Postcard from…Eastleigh

Postcard from...Eastleigh

As Somalia collapses, it threatens to take Kenya down with it.
Postcard from…Goma

Postcard from...Goma

The international community has promised assistance to refugees in Congo. But not much has reached them.
Postcard from…Nairobi

Postcard from...Nairobi

Barack Obama is the president of the United States. But many people around the world view him as their president too.

Clinton in Indonesia: What She Missed

Hillary Clinton had nothing but praise for Indonesia on her recent visit. Somehow she missed genocide, religious intolerance, and a growing split between rich and poor.
Postcard from…Kwajalein

Postcard from...Kwajalein

Military junk ensures that Kwajalein is no island paradise.

A Tale of Two Samoas

War and poverty make these islands something less than paradise.

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The Long Struggle for Moro Autonomy in the Philippines

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