George McGovern’s Shining Moment

McGovern’s 1972 White House run was the last time presidential politics would be so open or so democratic.

The Folly of Mindless Science

This article addresses the conflicts of interest between nuclear scientists and the need for disarmament.

Tone Deaf US Foreign Policy Announcements Create New Provocations in Asia

The powers in control of US public policy and their far-flung global allies appear to have learned nothing from the extraordinary opportunity we lost for a more peaceful world at the Cold War’s end.

Time to Disband NATO: A Rogue Alliance

When the Cold War ended, many believed there would be a peace dividend, nuclear disarmament, and dismantling of the war machine with industrial conversion to peaceful technology. Instead, we’ve witnessed the aggressive expansion of NATO, to include the former Soviet Republics, right up to the Russian border, which should be a wake-up call to many living in the American Empire.

Japan’s Chaos is a Wake-up Call

It’s time for a nuclear energy time-out.

Nuclear Energy Time-Out

The catastrophe in Japan is a signal to shift away from nuclear energy to rely more on the sun, the wind, and the tides.

Let’s Shelve New Nuclear Power Initiatives

The long-term costs for nuclear energy are greater than solar, wind, and geothermal alternatives.

U.S. Energy Policy Creating a New Generation of Dr. Strangeloves

Instead of letting the old nuclear complex rust in peace, the government is proactively taking the initiative to create a whole new generation of Dr. Strangeloves.

NATO Goes Anti-Nuclear?

Support for nuclear disarmament has spread to the heart of the Atlantic alliance and beyond.

Obama and Medvedev on Nukes

Russia and the United States are talking about abolition.

    Japan’s Chaos Is a Wake-up Call

    The (Mountain Home AR) Baxter Bulletin | March 26, 2011

    Japan’s Chaos is a Wake-up Call

    The Bemidji (MN) Pioneer | March 24, 2011

    Let’s Shelve New Nuclear Power Initiatives

    The Bristol (CT) Press | July 20, 2010

    Let’s Shelve Nuclear Power Initiatives

    The Register Citizen (Torrington CT) | July 13, 2010

    Let’s Shelve New Nuclear Power Initiatives

    The Register Citizen (Torrington CT) | July 13, 2010

    NATO Goes Anti-Nuclear?

    YES! Magazine | March 11, 2010