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A resolution to that end may be just sound and fury.

Syria: Great Game or Just a Tug of War?

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From Hero to Villain: The Arab World’s Hugo Chavez Arc

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History — Not to Mention Reality — Aren’t on Assad’s Side

Syrian President Assad has demonstrated no interest in winning over his people.

President Obama Might Be Time’s Person of the Year, But Not the Middle-East’s

The biggest disappointment of Obama’s presidency, from an Arab perspective, was his lackluster support for Arabs revolting in Egypt and Syria.

Both the Muslim Brotherhood and Egyptian Opposition Act as If They’re Playing a Zero-Sum Game

The author believes that Egyptians need to be patient and give democracy a chance to work.

“Non-Member Observer Status” a Hollow Victory for Abbas

For President Mahmoud Abbas, the vote was a last-ditch attempt to boost his increasingly diminished relevance.

Khaled Meshal and Hamas Go Their Separate Ways

Former Hamas leader Meshal envisions himself replacing the aging Mahmoud Abbas as head of the Palestinian Authority.